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Missouri serial killer Fredrick Scott, who slayed five men in last year captured after deviating from pattern

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Authorities charge serial killer in Indian Creek Trail murders in South eastern Kansas City, Missouri
Fredrick Scott,  the gunman believed to have killed five men in last year was charged Tuesday
Scott  deviated fromhis pattern in the killings spanning over a year and was caught on surveillance camera
Gun, DNA evidence recovered in two of the murders
Scott, 22, has been charged with first-degree two murders in the shooting deaths of Steven Gibbons, 57, in Aug 2017 and 54-year-old John Palmer in 2016
He is believed responsible for the death of Mike Darby, 61, David Lennox, 67, and 57-year-old Timothy Rice
Michael Scott 4.JPGAlleged serial killer Fredrick Scott
Jackson County prosecutors on Tuesday filed two counts of counts of first-degree murder against Fredrick Demond Scott, a 22-year-old Kansas City man in the shooting deaths of Steven Gibbons and John Palmer. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker also named Scott as a suspect in three other homicides along south Indian Creek Trail in Kansas City.
Scott was apprehended after he deviated from his pattern, according to authorities, which led to his exposure and eventual capture.
Investigators believe Fredrick Scott shot 57-year-old Steven Gibbons in the back of the head as he walked along a south Kansas City street on August 13. The other killings took place in more secluded areas along hiking and biking trails in the area.
Four of the five victims were shot in the head, three in the back of the head, according to the Kansas City Star.
Steven Gibbons 1.jpgFredrick Scott is accused of following Steven Gibbons [photo], off a bus and shooting him in the back of the head as he walked along a south Kansas City street on August 13
John Palmer 1.pngHe is also charged in the shooting death of 54-year-old John Palmer [left], Aug 19, 2016. Palmer is believed to be his first killing

After a year investigating the cluster of murders on the Indian Creek trail, the break in the case came with the Gibbons killing, according to court documents. Police found surveillance video showing Scott follow Gibbons off a bus and down a street before, Gibbons was shot.
The suspect was later seen running from the scene of Gibbons’ shooting and detectives linked him to the case through DNA taken from an iced tea bottle and a cigarette butt.
That evidence further linked him to the Palmer killing with DNA from a t-shirt left at that scene.
So far he has not owned u[ to the other three killing, although it has been reported that he said “They didn’t see it coming,” about his victims while being questioned by authorities over the death of Micheal Darby, a victim in one of the unsolved murders.
He also admitted that he was the person caught on camera following Darby shortly before he was found dead in the same area.
Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced the charges Tuesday at a press conference at the Kansas City Police Department’s South Patrol station at 8701 Marion Park Drive. Baker’s office charged Scott in the murders on Aug. 18 but the court documents were under seal until Tuesday’s announcement.

Scott, 22, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Gibbons and 54-year-old John Palmer, believed to be the first of the five victims. Palmer was killed in August 2016 in a wooded area near the Indian Creek trail. 

Michael Scott admitted he is the person seen walking trail near whee Michael Darby was killed and discoveredFredrick Scott admitted he is the person seen in the time frame near the spot Michael Darby was shot and dragged off the trial.
Michael Darby [left], and Timothy Rice [right].pngUnsolved: ‘They didn’t see it coming,’ Scott allegedly muttered under his breath when police questioned on the death of restaurant owner Michael Darby [left]. The same man is believed to have shot Timothy Rice [right]
Authorities believe Scott is responsible for the shooting death of 61-year-old restaurateur Mike Darby, on May 18. He also the prime suspect in the murders of David Lenox, 67, and 57-year-old Timothy Rice, all within the stretch of the Indian Creek trail.
“We expect today’s charges will ease some of the concerns [in the deaths of] men walking on the trail, but we are only charging [Fredrick Scott] in two,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. “We need the public’s help in solving all five of these homicides.”
Scott it is alleged, would call police days ahead to report the gun to be used in the crime stolen. One of the guns used in the killings has been recovered, according to court records, Scott acknowledged to detectives he used that particular weapon to kill Gibbons. He also acknowledged that he had reported the guns stolen to disassociate himself from the killings, though he denied involvement in three of the shootings.
Scott, who had been mowing lawns to make money and, during the time of the shootings on the trails, had been working at a Burger King, within a few miles of three of the shooting scenes.

David Lennox 1.pngScott is suspected in the death of 67-year-old David Lenox who was shot outside his apartment, a few blocks from the Indian Creek Trail.
Prosecutor in Indian creek murders jean Baker.JPGProsecutor Jean Peters Baker appealed for information that would help tie the suspect to the other three murders

The suspect did not own a car during the time of the killings, his primary mode of transport was the bus. He often got around the city walking and he admitted that he frequently walked the Indian Creek trail, often using it as a shortcut. He also had a friend in an apartment complex near the trail, where one of the victims was found shot and killed outside his home.
A motive wasn’t clear in the five killings. However, all the victims were middle-aged, white men and all five victims were shot. Four were shot in the head, three in the back of the head. One was shot in the back.
Scott was remanded in custody Tuesday, at the Jackson County jail.



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