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Gaunt looking former NY ‘trust fund bad boy’, Thomas Gilbert Jr, in court on trial for the murder of his hedge fund manager dad, four years after

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Frail looking Thomas ‘Tommy’ Gilbert Jr, 34, is on trial for the murder of his father Thomas Gilbert Sr in January 2015 
He appeared in court Tuesday looking frail and thin – a stark contrast to the strikingly handsome man arrested four years ago 
His mother Shelley Gilbert is set to testify against him after her husband was shot while she was out getting her son a sandwich, at his request  
The wealthy New York hedge fund boss had cut his son’s $600 allowance to $400 and stopped paying his $2,400 a month rent  
‘Dad’s dead and Tommy shot him,’ Shelley Gilbert told her daughter, Clare. She’s expected to testify against her son
 ‘It was obvious he’d done it’, she says, while maintaining that he should not be sent to prison as he has a mental illness
Looking thin and pale, the once strapping and handsome Thomas ‘Tommy’ Gilbert Jr appeared in court today to face murder charges in the death of his father.
Thomas Gilbert Sr 5Killed by a disgruntled family member: NY police arrested Tommy Gilbert on a murder charge after they say he went to his father, Thomas Gilbert Jr’s, [photo], Manhattan apt, shot him in the head after an argument over discontinued financial support. He then staged the scene to look like a suicide
When Gilbert Jr was arrested in his Chelsea apartment literally within hours of killing his father, police found a stash that included hollow point bullets, a laser gun sight, handcuffs, a credit-card skimming device and 21 blank credit cards.
Tall, born with strikingly handsome looks, and tousled blond hair with the gym-fit body of the keen surfer that he was, it’s hard to imagine a more dramatic decline from the man Gilbert Jr once seemed destined to be, to the man he is now suspected of having become.
His father was an investment banker, his mother a former debutante. They had apartments on the Upper East Side and summered in their home in the Hamptons.
He was educated at the most exclusive schools in Manhattan and went on to study at Princeton.
But in the time since Gilbert Sr’s death another version of his son’s life – one less golden than this superficial précis – has emerged.
Thomas Gilbert Jr, [left] and Anna Rothschild 1Menacing lounge lizard:  Manhattan socialite Anna Rothschild, 51, [right], who dated the accused killer in 2014 said he was a loner with few friends. The Princeton graduate was ‘aimless and jobless and showed little real interest in changing,’ according to Rothschild

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