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Dropped by Trump connection – Chris Christie has lowest approval rating of any governor EVER, in New Jersey history 

Historic low for Gov Chris Christie – lowest approval rating of any governor in New Jersey history 
Only 15% of New Jersey residents approve of Gov Christie’s performance as governor
81% of residents did not approve of the job Christie was doing
Poor sentiments cut across Republicans, Democrats alike
His constituents feel a burning humiliation as Chris Christie got no gravitas for all the graft he put into the Trump campaign and transition team
He put the presidential race of the affairs of New Jersey 
Let off on ‘Bridgegate’ seen as a result of legal jujitsu 
Chris Christie2Only 15% of New Jersey residents approve of Christie’s performance as governor
New Jersey governor Chris Christie now has the lowest approval rating of any New Jersey governor, ever, a Quinnipiac University poll out Wednesday showed.
Just about 15% of the residents gave their seal of approved on the job Christie was doing as governor of New Jersey, the poll showed.
That level marks the lowest level Quinnipiac has found in an approval ratings poll for any governor in any state in 20 years and the lowest level reached by any New Jersey governor ever.
Most New Jersey can’t wait to bid adieu to their governor as more than four in five (81%) of residents said they did not approve of the job Christie was doing, the poll found.

Chris Christy and Donald Trump3Humiliation: Chris Christie got no gravitas for all the graft he put into the Trump campaign, while  neglecting the affairs of New Jersey

Outrage was felt by Republicans and Democrats alike, with just 31% of Republicans saying they approved of Christie’s job performance and just 4% of Democrats saying so. Ninety-four percent of Democrats said they did not approve of the job he was doing, while 58% of Republicans said they did not approve, the poll, conducted among 1,103 New Jersey residents, from June 7-12, found.
Its findings, however, come as no surprise. Christie’s approval ratings have been setting new record-lows for years, as he continued to be beset by a raft of internal and external problems, including the Bridgegate saga and his disastrous flirtation with President Trump’s campaign and transition effort.

Bridgegate fallout! Bill Baroni, Bridget Anne Kelly former allies of N.J. Gov. Chris Christie jailed for their role in GW bridge closure

GW bridge closure ochestrated by Chris Christie's aides in 2013Good lawyering may have gotten Christie off on Bridgegate, but the citizens of the state have not forgotten

Christie emerged as a vocal surrogate for Trump’s controversial campaign, but was passed over as a candidate to be his vice president, demoted as his transition chair and saw his expressed desire to be the next Republican National Committee chair rebuffed by the mogul.
Christie’s efforts to stay close to Trump also meant he was spending an increasing amount of time away from his own state. And all the while, news about the Bridgegate scandal that had enveloped his administration in 2013 worsened.
In March, two former allies of his were sentenced to prison for their roles in the petty political vendetta.


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