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Sharee Miller writes confession letter, admitting her role in a 17 year old murder

Sharee Miller, 44, for years she denied her part in killing her husband, Bruce Miller
Now confesses playing a part in ‘internet love triangle slaying’
Convicted, then set free, sent back to prison after losing her appeal
Finally admits after 17 years: ‘I manipulated a man to killing another man. I have lived in denial for so long, that I believed my lie. That I didn’t do it. Prosecutor Leyton I did it. Almost, the way the prosecutor said that I did it” 


In the four page letter sent to Judge Fullerton and Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, Miller writes that after experiencing three years of freedom during her appeal, something inside of her changed, finally confessing that she was part of the conspiracy to kill her husband Bruce Miller in 1999.

Bruce Miller was shot to death at his business in Vienna Township. Police initially thought it was a robbery. But in a turn of events, Officer Jerry Cassady killed himself, leaving behind a suicide note along with text messages between him and Sharee Miller, along with evidence showing they were lovers and that Sharee manipulated Cassady into killing her husband.
“I was surprised. You don’t receive confession letters from prison everyday,” Leyton said.

Bruce and Sharee Miller share a wedding kiss
Jerry Cassaday. His suicide note led back to Sharilee


In Leyton’s letter, Sharee Miller tells him she felt guilty for her role in not only their deaths, but stripping them away from being fathers and watching their children grow.
“With this case, nothing surprises me,” Defense Attorney David Nickola said.
Nickola defended Miller during her trial and appeal. Without mentioning any names, Sharee Miller writes about her attorneys, saying throughout the trials she asked three different lawyers for the opportunity to tell the truth, but was told no. Nickola says during his time defending Miller, she never admitted any guilt.
“From the very beginning with me, she proclaimed her innocence. She never wavered from that. Before the trial started, there were plea discussions and if she would’ve said, hey I did it back then, she probably would’ve been out of prison today,” Nickola said.

Sharee Miller, Mt. Morris township, enters the courtroom in Flint, Mi on December 20, 2000.

As for the families, Leyton hopes this puts an end to a 17 year-long nightmare.
“I called in the family. I read them the letter. They too were surprised. They were emotional and hopefully this provides them with some closure,” Leyton said.
Sharee Miller is currently serving a life sentence at the Huron Valley Women’s Complex. She mentions in the letter that her confession will put an end to her current and final appeal.