Maryanne Wairimu Ngumbu 1Maryanne Wairimu Ngumbu at 21, caught up in the political maelstrom that took the life of a key public officer, Chris Musando, the man appointed to sheriff a firewall against electoral fraud in Kenya. Significantly, on election eve

The woman whose body was found next to that of slain IEBC ICT manager Chris Musando has been identified as ‘Caroline’ Ngumbu.
Caroline Ngumbu, 21, whose real name is Maryanne Wairimu Ngumbu had just completed her studies at Kenya Medical Training College and was due to graduate in December after her internship.
Jedida Wanjiku, told journalists on Tuesday that she last spoke with her deceased sister on Friday at around 7 pm when she told her that she was going to have a few drinks with Mr Musando.
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Maryanne Wairimu Ngumbu 6.pngMaryanne Wairimu Ngumbu allegedly was hanging out with Chris Musando, the night he disappeared
Chris Msando 2Chris Musando obviously was tortured before his dead body was dumped in the woods alongside his young female companion. who is responsible for the gory demise of a key player in electoral integrity, with the forthcoming elections, just a week away? The blame has shifted with opposition and govt each blaming the other

Nairobiwire reports that the sisters had lunch together at a fast food joint in the city centre before Jedida went to get supplies for her business while Caroline left for some errands.
On the ill-fated day, Maryanne  would later call Jedida at 7 pm to say that she was hanging out with Musando. Stating that her sister and the slain IEBC ICT manager had known each other for months, she however denied the pair were having an affair.
Jedida said she realized her sister was missing July 30, after her boyfriend called looking for her because her phone appeared to have been turned off.
“Yesterday after seeing the news on TV, I immediately knew it was my sister because she had last gone hanging out with Chris but I hadn’t heard from her,” Jedida said.
“So I called some of my friends and we went to City Mortuary. We did not even inform our parents before going.”
Her worst fears were confirmed, on getting to the morgue: “ I was scared and I let my two friends go inside while I stayed outside. I shortly heard my friend scream and I knew it was her,” said Jedida.