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Bungling medics drop stretcher bearing injured French olympic gymnast Samir Ait Said, who’d broken his leg when he fell competing in Rio

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French Olympian Samir Ait Said, shattered his leg during the team prelims in Rio Saturday

French gymnast Samir Ait Said, 26, landed awkwardly after jumping, leaving his left leg bent with the bone seemingly out of place.

The fall  left Said with shattered bones and dreams, Saturday as he suffered a gruesome leg break during team preliminaries 

Said’s broken dreams was exercabated by olympic venue paramedics who appeared to have dropped the stretcher carrying the injured French athlete

Watch the video of the gruesome accident
Samir Ait Said2
Pramedics drop Said as the stretcher slips from their hand


Samir Ait Said6
Said can be seen being stretchered out of the arena after the horror break

In the replay of the horrific sequence of events, the sound of bones breaking can be heard as Said hits the mat. Immediately he grabs the mangled leg as he  writhes  in agony and the army of  medics rush to his aid. Said was stretchered off, obviously in excruciating pain, olympic dreams shattered along with  any hopes of medalling.
However, in the melee, the video also shows the sickening moment paramedics dropped the gymnast as they loaded him into a waiting ambulance. Footage shows the stretcher carrying Said – with his bandaged leg clearly visible – suddenly fall to the floor as it seemingly slips from the medical workers’ hands.

Samir Ait Said4
Samir Ait Said holds his grotesquely misaligned limb after landing awkwardly rom the vault during the olympic gymanastic event


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