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NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, assassinated by ex-con,Alexander Bonds, who documented his disdain for law enforcement in vulgar anti-police rant on Facebook Live

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Officer Miosotis Familia4.pngSlain officer, Miosotis Familia, was  a mother-of-three and also looked after an aged mother

None of his half-dozen aliases hid the truth about Alexander Bonds: The ex-con had no use for the law. Bonds shot Officer Miosotis Familia in the Bronx, New York on July 5
Familia, 48, was a mother of three, who spent five years as a nurse at New York University Hospital, and another two working for the American Red Cross before joining the New York Police department in 2005.
Officer Familia was mortally wounded by the 12:30 a.m. gunshot on a Bronx street as she neared the end of her Fourth of July shift, early Wednesday when an ex-con walked up to her parked patrol vehicle and shot a bullet into her head.  Reports said Alexander Bonds, dressed in black from head to toe, was then shot to death in a gunfight with two cops responding to a desperate call for help from Familia’s partner.
The 34-year-old Bond’s record includes assaults against law enforcement in the past.
He has six priors, including one for a 2001 brass knuckles assault with three co-defendants on a police officer.
And his anti-police sentiments were also documented in a menacing, homophobic Facebook Live rant from last September.
“Police is f—ts, and this ain’t no gimmick,” he said at the top of the 11-minute video.
Bonds, waving a lit cigarette, appeared to be upset by a story of a cop allegedly raping a girl. He then began airing his grievances with law enforcement, including correction officers.

Cop killer, Alexander Bonds2.pngAlexander Bonds, has been identified as a suspect in the fatal shooting of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia

“Don’t think every brother, cousin or uncle you got that get (unintelligible) in jail is because of a Blood or Crip,” he said. “Police be killing and saying an inmate killed them.”
Bonds closed out his monologue with a threat: “N—-s ain’t taking it no more, Mr. Officer. I’m here to tell you man. … just keep your a– away from mine.”
Sources said Bonds lived in Queens and the Bronx between his jail stints.
Police reports said Bonds walked toward the police vehicle stationed in the Fordham Heights neighborhood “with purpose” before firing off a single round into the cruiser
Police Commissioner James O’Neill called the shooting “an unprovoked attack on police officers.”
Two responding officers chased Bonds who was wielding a silver revolver at the time, for a block before confronting him. The gunman was killed in the exchange of gunfire, officials said.

Bonds spent seven years in Attica Correctional Facility on a robbery conviction from Onondaga County, N.Y., before he was paroled on May 5, 2013 was described by neighbors as a menacing figure who you tried your best to avoid and give a wide berth when your paths crossed.
“When you see him at night, you would want to be careful and cross the street,” said one teen. “I would see him hanging out with his friends … walking around, selling drugs. He would argue with his friends in the street and play fight all the time.”
Bonds lived in a second-floor room with his girlfriend. The unidentified woman was taken into custody by officers around 3 a.m., shortly after Bonds assassinated officer Familia

Officer Miosotis Familia2.png
After being shot in the head with a single bullet, officer Miosotis Familia died at St. Barnabas Hospital, NY, a short while later on Wednesday morning

Bonds, who operated under a half-dozen aliases, was slated to remain on supervised release until May 15, 2018.
The case involved a July 2, 2005, armed robbery with an underaged sidekick. The victim was robbed at gunpoint, with both suspects arrested with help from the police K9 unit after they fled the scene. Cops recovered the handgun, and Bonds was sentenced to eight years in prison.
The cop killer was previously imprisoned on a Bronx drug sale conviction in March 2004, doing eight months before his release on Oct. 14, 2004.

The body of the slain officer, Miosotis Familia brought to the ME's office on July 5.pngThe body of slain NYPD officer Miosotis Familia arrives at the Medical Examiner’s office, Wednesday morning

There was also at least one prior arrest for drug possession, authorities said.
On New Year’s Eve 2016, Bonds left an upbeat Facebook posting referencing his past behind bars and his hopes for the future.
“Good morning everyone I want to thank God for see another year it ain’t been a easy ride when has it that’s what I respect the most,” Bonds wrote.
“Just few years ago I was in the devil house I truly thank the man for his help and the people that was put in to my life to get it right…. Happy New year eve blessing to all be safe out here.”
Familia who is mother to a 20-year-old daughter and 12-year-old twins attended Ohio State University’s College of Medicine and  later majored in applied sciences and psychology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice between 2007-09.


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