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Love triangle gone very bad! Ohio cardiologist, George Seese, fatally shot by love rival in hospital parking lot

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Police say a doctor from Perry Township has died following a shooting at a hospital parking lot in Massillon, Ohio.
The suspect, 50-year-old Michael Wood, killed himself shortly after shooting 59-year-old Dr. George ‘Skip’ Seese, Monday afternoon.
The two men died after Wood walked up to a the cardiologist in a hospital parking lot in Massillon, shot him, then turned the gun on himself, police said.The motive police say, could be traced back to the victim, a cardiologist and father-of-13, and the gunman sharing a mutual love interest. Michael Wood and the woman involved had broken up earlier this year, police say.
Wood reportedly, fired multiple shots at Seese as the doctor was walking toward his vehicle outside Affinity Medical Center in Massillon. Wood then shot himself, and he was pronounced dead of a gunshot wound to the head.
George Seese died hours after the shooting.
The shooter approached the doctor as he left Affinity Hospital and walked to get inside his black Denali, according to police sources.
“The shooter comes around from around that white Jeep back there and comes forward and fires,” said Massillon Police Chief Keith Moser.
Detectives  reportedly, discovered the victim and the gunman had a mutual love connection after interviewing a woman, who said the shooter was her ex-boyfriend and that she was dating Seese.
While Seese was in surgery, a hospital employee who recognized the woman in the operating waiting room and alerted a detective.
Someone at the hospital apparently had alerted the woman that the doctor had been shot and was in surgery, police said.
The woman apparently didn’t know the identity of the shooter until she was questioned about Wood and said he was her ex-boyfriend.

Dr. and Mrs George Seese .jpgDr and Mrs George Seese

WKYC reports that Seese, a cardiologist at Stark Medical Specialties, in neighboring Perry Township, did not work at the hospital full-time.
According to Online profiles  Dr. George Seese, graduated from Ohio University medical school.  He did his internship and internal medicine residency at Doctors Hospital in Massillon, Ohio. He returned to practice with Stark Medical Specialties since July of l992.
His main interest outside of the practice is listed as his family, that includes 13 children ranging in age from 5 to 32. An avid fisherman, he loved to spend time with his children and grandchildren.
50-year-old Michael A. Wood, the shooter,  was a New Philadelphia resident who had recently lost his job, according to those who knew him and worked with him.
Wood a high school sports official since 2001, shot himself in the head after shooting Dr. Seese in a parking lot outside of Affinity Medical Center on Monday afternoon.


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  1. George was too busy any way – 13 kids?!?!?! He needed to find more patients to see because he was not too busy working – or at least where he should have been working!

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