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Former NBA star Mike Bibby accused of sexually abusing Arizona high school teacher

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Former NBA AllStar Mike Bibby accused of sexually abusing high school teacher in Phoenix, Ariz.
Teacher at Shadow Mountain High School alleged he grabbed her by the waist and groped her while pulling her toward his car on school grounds in Feb 2017
Mike Bibby, 40, coaches the varsity boys’ basketball team at Shadow Mountain High where his was also a high school standout in 1996
Bibby through his attorney has denied the allegations

Former NBA standout Mike Bibby is being investigated by police in Arizona after a teacher accused him of rubbing his genitals against her, district officials said.
A spokeswoman for the Paradise Valley Unified School District confirmed in a statement to the Arizona Republic that Bibby, 40, is under investigation by Phoenix police after a teacher at Shadow Mountain High School alleged he grabbed her by the waist and groped her while pulling her toward his car on school grounds in February 2017.

Mike Bibby coaches the varsity boys’ basketball team.
Spokeswoman Becky Kelbaugh told the newspaper that Phoenix police opened an investigation into the teacher’s claims on Feb. 14 of this year.
“At the request of the Phoenix Police Department, the district’s internal investigation was suspended pending the conclusion of the Police Department’s active investigation into the accusations,” Kelbaugh said in a statement.

A teacher at Shadow Mountain High School has accused men’s basketball coach, Mike Bibby,  of an alcohol fueled sexual assault. Bibby played on the 1996 state championship team

The unidentified teacher at the school, where high school star Bibby led its 1996 state championship team, was granted a restraining order by a judge against Bibby on Friday.
In it, the woman claims she was walking outside toward the school when she saw Bibby driving on school grounds.
Bibby, whom she did not know at the time, then gestured toward her, prompting the teacher to walk toward the driver’s side of Bibby’s car before the former point guard opened the door and hopped out, according to the restraining order obtained by the Arizona Republic.
Bibby then picked up the teacher “around the hips” and tossed her into the car, with her legs hanging out of the vehicle’s open door while he lay atop her. The teacher also reported smelling alcohol on Bibby’s breath, according to the restraining order.
“What I could do to you,” Bibby told the woman as he rubbed his body and genitals on her while groping her, the document states.
The teacher managed to wiggle out of Bibby’s grip and headed toward the school as he followed her. Bibby then held the woman around the waist and hugged her before rubbing his erect penis against the teacher while making explicit sexual comments as two school employees looked on, according to her account, leaving her “in shock, intimidated by his actions [and] afraid of him as he smelled of alcohol.”

The accusation kicked off an internal investigation into Bibby’s [photo], conduct by the school district. That process has being suspended while the Phoenix Police Dept complete their own investigation

A few days later, according to the teacher, Bibby stopped by her classroom uninvited before returning a day later.
She noticed Bibby standing outside her classroom and told him that they needed to talk, according to the restraining order. They sat in her classroom; she wrote that she felt safe enough to close her classroom door because a colleague aware of what had happened was across the hall.

The teacher told Bibby, according to the restraining order, that he was “out of line” and that he had sexually abused her. He responded that he had been drinking that day and told her she was a “beautiful and nice person,” according to the document. He told her he wanted to date her.
She said she wasn’t interested and for him to stay away. He asked her if she was going to “tell” and she said no because she was thinking of his players.
She also reported in the document another incident in October 2018, when Bibby again stood outside her classroom door.
Bibby’s attorney, meanwhile, denied the allegations against the former NBA point guard: “I can say with pretty much certainty this alleged incident didn’t happen and that will be shown down the road,” attorney Donald Harris said.
“Michael Bibby did not participate in a sexual assault of any way, shape or form that was alleged by this lady two years ago.”

The former All Star point guard played on several NBA teams from 1998 to 2012, including the Atlanta Hawks [left], Memphis Grizzlies, [right] and New York Knicks

Under coach Bibby, the Shadow Mountain’s varsity boys’ basketball team won their fourth consecutive state championship on Saturday. During his six years at Shadow Mountain, the team has won five state titles.
Bibby as a high school student in 1996 played on Shadow Mountain’s first state championship basketball team. He went on to the University of Arizona, where in 1997 he led the Wildcats to their only national championship.
The former All Star point guard played on several NBA teams from 1998 to 2012, including the Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies and New York Knicks.

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