Peter Manfredonia 4Shooter: Peter Manfredonia, [photo], a senior at the University of Connecticut, was last seen in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Police say he is armed and dangerous He is wanted for two homicides. a home invasion stealing firearms cars t two locations as well as, abduction.
Ted DeMers 1Victim: Peter Manfredonia is wanted in connection with the brutal murder of 62-year-old Ted DeMers [photo], who he allegedly hacked to death with a machete in Willington, Connecticut
Nicholas J. Eisele 2
Alleged second Victim: Police found 23-year-old Nicholas J. Eisele [photo], dead in his Derby, Connecticut, home on Sunday
Peter Manfredonia crime scene in Willington, Connecticut 2Police activity at the crime scene at Roosevelt Dr. in Wellington, Ct on Friday, May 22. Manfredonia, allegedly killed Ted DeMers in the home
Cynthia DeMers [left] said her husband Ted DeMars [right] 1Killed offering an act of kindness: Cynthia DeMers [left] said her husband [right] offered Manfredonia a ride after he was seen walking along a road near their home far from where he parked his motorcycle on Friday
Police said Manfredonia is suspected of killing 62-year-old Ted DeMers and assaulting another man at around 9am on Friday in Willington.