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Mexican cartel hitman ‘mistakenly kills boss’, before ‘turning gun on himself’ after realizing error

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Cartel boss “R22” head of the “Los Chapitos” plaza walked into a gunfight when he went to pay medical bill at private clinic, his hitmen who did not know him in person, shot him to death

Shootout took place at a private health clinic in Culiacán, Mexico, on the night of September 28

Sinaloa Cartel gunmen loyal to Los Chapitos – the sons of Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán -were at the hospital guarding another man who was receiving treatment

A gunfight broke out when gunmen from a rival cartel showed up, allegedly to finish off one of the injured man

During the gunfight another armed man showed up – ‘El R22,’ believed to be the cartel’s operations chief in Guamúchil, Sinaloa

Foot soldiers assumed he was a rival hitman coming to finish the injured man off and shot him

Realizing his error the shooter killed himself rather than face whatever punishment the cartel would have meted out to him

Cartel boss ‘El 22’ was killed by his own sicarios after a gunfight broke out between his cartel and a rival cartel at a private health clinic in Culiacán, Mexico on Thursday, Sept 28

Drug cartel hitmen have reportedly murdered their own boss in a shocking case of mistaken identity.
The shootout took place at a private health clinic in Culiacán, Mexico, last Thursday night, September 28.
Sinaloa Cartel gunmen loyal to Los Chapitos, the sons of jailed drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, it is believed, were at the hospital guarding a patient identified as Silvano “N”,  who was receiving treatment.
A gunfight broke out when another armed man showed up.
However the Sinaloa sicarios did not realize the newcomer, according to El Blog del Narco, was ‘El R22’, the shadowy figure believed to have been the cartel’s operations chief in Guamúchil, Sinaloa.
“That’s the bad thing about not knowing the boss,” a source said.
It is thought that El R22 was visiting the clinic in order to pay for the wounded man’s surgery. The gunmen assumed he was a rival hitman coming to finish off the injured man and shot him.

Four people died in the fighting including Dr Otniel Montoya, who was caught in the crossfire

A chilling video has captured the moment alleged cartel members ran through a clinic in an attempt to assassinate a man in intensive care but left four people dead after a shoot out.
CCTV cameras at Culiacán Clinic Hospital in Sinaloa, Mexico showed staff running for their lives, hiding in offices and behind counters to shield themselves from the gun battle that had broke out in the facility last on Thursday night.
The alleged hitmen had entered the hospital after two men, aged 30 and 31, were admitted to the ICU after being shot a day earlier in Badiraguato.

Mexican cops respond on Thursday after El R22, is believed to have been the operations chief, running the Sinaloa cartel’s operations in Guamúchil, Sinaloa was mistakenly killed by one of his own soldiers

The attackers allegedly entered in search of another individual who had been hospitalized for a gunshot wound. This subject was guarded by armed men while he was in the hospital, who repelled the attack inside the hospital.
The crossfire left three people dead, including emergency doctor Otniel Everardo Montoya, who on that occasion was working at the private clinic. No further information was provided regarding the other two victims were identified as José Abel and Édgar Isabel. 
One of the hitmen who killed his own boss required medical attention when the fighting came to an end. It has been reported that he used a gun on himself after realizing his fatal mistake, choosing to take his own life rather than face whatever gruesome punishment the cartel would’ve had in store for him.
Omar Silvano, who was taken to the Culiacán General Hospital, where he took the weapon from a state police officer. Before the cop’s firearm could be retrieved, Silvano alleged shot himself and died from his injuries.

Flower displays are seen alongside the names of El Chapo’s sons, who were showing their respect at the cartels’ funeral for El R22

Videos have since emerged on social media purporting to show El 22’s funeral. In them, flower displays are seen alongside the names of El Chapo’s sons, who were showing their respect.
However, the largest wreath was designated from El Chapo himself.
Unofficially, it was announced that the funeral to which these wreaths were sent was that of a subject known as ‘El 22’, alleged head of the Los Chapitos plaza in Guamúchil, whose real name has remained confidential.

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