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Mother’s boyfriend, Andy McCauley, 41, arrested for murdering missing West Virginia teen, Riley Crossman, after cops followed him for a week before finding a body on a remote mountain road

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Andy McCauley, boyfriend of a missing West Virginia teenager has been arrested for murdering the missing 15-year-old girl
Police followed McCauley, 41, for a week before finding a body on a remote West Virginia mountain road
Riley Crossman vanished May 7, her grandmother last saw her before going to bed – She texted friends until midnight and tried to video call boyfriend around 5am 
Her mother Chantel Oakley reported her missing May 8 after she didn’t show at school and calls from her parents went direct to voicemail 
Cops then put Oakley’s boyfriend 41-year-old Andy McCauley, Jr. under surveillance 
Police K9 dogs traced the odor of a cadaver  to his green Dodge work truck which was gone for four hours and 40 minutes from his construction job on May 8
On May 15, a group of 300 volunteers joined hunt with West Virginia-area agents, the next day a decomposed body was found on Tuscarora Pike in Berkeley County
McCauley admitted taking drugs and told cops he drove his truck to meet dealers on the day
Andy McCauley, Jr. 5After police K9 dogs followed the scent of a deceased person to his work truck, McCauley who initially would not admit to driving a work truck, later told police he drove it to collect drugs from unknown persons
The truck was gone from 9am for four hours and 40 minutes the day Crossman disappeared, which contradicted his story of leaving for two hours.
McCauley initially would not admit to driving a work truck but later told police he drove it to collect drugs from unknown people.
A witness said they spotted the vehicle outside his Greenway Drive residence in Berkeley Springs around 10am.
Surveillance video also showed his direction of travel was not consistent with his story but instead with a route on which the body was found if he had traveled from Berkeley Springs to Hedgesville.
A clip showed he traveled east in the green Dodge in the 8000 block of Apple Harvest Drive at 12.41pm but he claimed he drove east on the 9.
ABC 8 reports a witness told troopers he had cocaine on him when he left the work site. He claimed he used the 9 to return to the site and shoot up cocaine with a needle.
He had denied shooting up drugs when asked in another interview, claiming he sniffs instead, but he later admitted he does.
A social media image appears to show him holding mushrooms in his hand.
It’s not clear how long he has been dating Oakley but his Facebook profile states he has been in a relationship since 2004.
Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer said they had no other reason to suspect other people were involvrd in the case of the missing teen.

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