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Love rat MC Harvey abandons wife and newborn baby weeks after wedding for new woman

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A case of restless in love

New bride Ghamzeh says “Once a cheat ….. you know the rest. But I’m so grateful for a healthy baby girl which is what matters,” .

Venting on her Twitter page, Ghamzeh revealed that Harvey had moved on with model and actress Elarica Johnson, who recently starred in an episode of BBC 1’s Death In Paradise.
Harvey revealed that he was moving to LA just two weeks ago.

While they have been careful to avoid tagging each other Harvey, who has been rubbing shoulders with the likes of Christina Milian, recently hinted at the romance with the cryptic tweet:

“She got my back deepest love #partnership”.

Love triangle – gamzhe-Mc-Harvey–Elarica-Johnson

Ghamzeh who has started the divorce proceedings wrote: “2 weeks after my wedding. I have no words for humans like that. I’m just embarrassed I married someone like that”.

Jan 26

wow. Absolute waste. Ugh makes me angry


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    trust me hun your better off without you will meet someone but ur gonna be 10 times stronger



yea I rather be alone then be with someone who is so weak and has no loyalty.Im just very confused how a woman can do morals

Harvey and Gamzhe

Love rat MC Harvey has been up to his old tricks again by leaving his wife and their newborn baby just a matter of weeks after his daughter’s birth to be with another woman.
He famously broke Alesha Dixon’s heart by cheating on her with pop star Javine, and now he’s dumped his pregnant bride Ghamzeh Mahdizade just months after their August wedding for a new woman and a new life.
Dancer Ghamzeh welcomed the baby girl, called Persia over the Christmas period, but Harvey has since announced that he was shipping off ‘for work’ in Los Angeles.

Harvey’s latest move probably won’t surprise his ex-wife Alesha, 37, who married him in 2005 after being together for five years. Just a year after getting married, he cheated on her with pop star Javine, who got her leg up on Pop Stars The Rivals.

Alesha Dixon and MC Harvey
 Alesha Dixon was left broken-hearted by MC Harvey 

Javine’s then-boyfriend broke the horrific news to the Britain’s Got Talent judge, after discovering the two in bed together. Of her heartbreak, Alesha previously said: “I didn’t eat for a few days. I just remember sitting on the floor in my house. You ask those questions: Why? What have I done wrong?”

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