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50 shades of shading in the US Republican primaries

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Christie (right), shoots for Rubio (left)

Republican presidential candidate, New jersey governor Chris Christie took political shading to a whole new level, as he took down Senator Marco Rubio.


At last night’s Republican presidential debate, Rubio cited passing sanctions against Hezbollah as one of his biggest credentials from the Senate, Christie reminded him that he had not even bothered to vote for the legislation:

“You weren’t even there,”
“That’s not leadership,”
“That’s truancy.”


While giving Rubio side eyes he derisively called the senator  a marionette delivering prepackaged answers as the possible solution to any and all questions, ‘a programmed deliverer of polished-sounding lines.’

 “when you are the governor of a state the memorized 25 second speech about how great America is doesn’t solve one problem for one person. “
Seconds later, Rubio seemed to prove Mr. Christie right.
Rubio  already on the defensive, pressed to prove that, despite his short time and lack of major accomplishment in the Senate, he had the experience and skills to be president, Mr. Rubio instead pivoted quickly to a well-rehearsed argument about President Obama’s liberal agenda.
The next three questions fired his way, all were answered with the same poll tested talking points. Same style, a little waffling on the substantive issue, then with a flourish:
“Let’s dispel this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he is doing. He knows exactly what he is doing, He is trying to change this country.” 
“He wants to make America like the rest of the world”
Scratching my head … what was the question again??
A gleeful Christie flexed and delivered a mule kick. A ready made TV moment for shading:
“There it is.”  Turning, fingers pointing at Rubio “There it is, everybody.”
Side long look at Senator Rubio then directly at the camera, Christie said
“You know what the shame is, Marco?”
 “The shame is that you would criticize somebody for actually showing up to work, plowing the streets, getting the trains running on time, when you’ve never been responsible for that in your entire life.”
All credit to Rubio though, flip the script on him and he remains true to the message. Hey, why let a little thing like exactitude get in the way of the pretested, prepackaged, one size fits all response.
This morning Rubio adamantly refused to get off the stump speech that has brought him this far. Regardless of the issue at hand, he insists his message is about providing America with an alternative to Obama’s liberal agenda.

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