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woman leaps into busy road to escape….rapist grabbing her

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A terrified woman was forced to jump into a busy road to escape the clutches of man trying to sexually assault her.
The rapist approaches the woman from behind and force his hand up her skirt. The victim leaps from the pavement in shock during the “predatory” attack, She spins around to face him, but the man just walks away along the pavement… all caught on CCTV

  CCTV footage of sex attack in Manchester city centre

Photo:Photo: Greater Manchester Police
The offender sticks his hand up the woman’s skirt
The attack took place shortly before 7pm. The 25-year-old victim was crossing the Street, in Manchester, UK when she noticed a man walking closely behind her. She became increasingly uncomfortable and wary of the man, so she tried to cross to another street to put some distance between herself and the offender. As she stopped briefly and waited to cross the road, the offender sexually assaulted her.
The incident was caught on CCTV, which police have released to track down the man responsible.

CCTV footage of sex attack in Manchester city centre


Police described the offender as white, in his 50s, between 5ft 8in and 6ft tall, with a medium build, dark gray stubble and mustache. Wearing a dark colored beanie hat, a dark coat and a rucksack.  “This was a predatory attack that came about after this offender followed the victim down the street.” “He waited until she was trapped between the busy crossing and him before sexually assaulting this terrified woman.

“She leapt into the busy road to escape him, putting herself in further danger, and the offender walks away.
Manchester Police are seeking the help of the public to catch the rapist.


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