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Investigators found three videos of Jenna Louise Driscoll having sex with a pit bull on her phone

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Jenna Louise Driscoll arrives in court alongside James Godbol, her lawyer, eyes glued to the ground to avoid eye contact with the waiting media, Friday

A young waitress who filmed herself repeatedly having sex with a pit bull reportedly to arouse her boyfriend is facing jail.
Jenna Louise Driscoll, 27, burst into her tears after pleading guilty today to a raft of charges including bestiality and drug trafficking.
Cops had found three animal sex tapes on Driscoll’s mobile phone during an investigation into her suspected cannabis dealing.
She was having intercourse with a mutt in each one, according to police in Brisbane, Australia.

Jenna Louise Driscoll pled guilty to three charges of bestiality and several charges drug trafficking, Friday
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Jenna Driscoll filmed her sex with the pitbull to arouse her boyfriend

The judge hearing the case today branded the shocking sex sessions “repulsive and completely against the order of nature”.
Following her arrest in October 2014 RSPCA Queensland described the case as “quite unusual”, adding: “This isn’t something you’d normally expect.”
In court on Friday prosecutor Dzenita Balic said: “It seems [the videos were] in connection to the attempted arousal of her partner.”
Driscoll’s attorney, James Godbolt said his client had gone from a highly dysfunctional childhood to a highly dysfunctional relationship that lasted about six years.
She had been affected by the public shaming of the bestiality charge and had stopped attending classes at the University of Southern Queensland, the lawyer said.

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Jenna Driscoll was arrested in October 2014, the case has been described as “quite unusual” 

But Judge Terry Martin said: “It might be a sad reflection on society that the bestiality attracts more publicity whereas the serious offence of trafficking cannabis does not.
“It rather undermines the factor of general deterrence.”
Brisbane District Court heard that Driscoll ran away from home when she was 16, started a relationship with a man 12 years older and started smoking cannabis when she was 18.
Driscoll pleaded guilty to bestiality, drug trafficking, stabbing another woman with a fork and twice biting a child.
Jenna Louise Driscoll made her first court appearance on the charges which the presiding judge branded ‘repulsive and completely unnatural’ after cops uncovered a video of her having intercourse with a dog while they were investigating unrelated charges in 2014. Police carried out the checks on her mobile phone for suspected drug trafficking.

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Jenna arrives home with her pet pitbull terrier after her first court appearance in 2014

Following her court appearance in October 2014, Driscoll was pictured arriving home accompanied by an unidentified man and a pet dog.n The dog, believed to be a pitbull terrier, climbed the stairs to Driscoll’s home, where neighbours say she has lived for some time.Driscoll entered her house and remained for a very short amount of time, before leaving with the man in the sedan.


Dog ‘lover’ Jenna Driscoll, alights from a vehicle at her residence after her first court appearance in Oct., 2014
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Driscoll claimed she had been affected by the public shaming of the bestiality charge and had stopped attending classes at the University of Southern Queensland

The prosecution case contended that Driscoll, who worked a day job as a waitress, supplied drugs to 15 regular customers and six suppliers. She also had a phone purely for the purpose of selling drugs.
Defense attorney, Gobolt requested his client be given a suspended sentence, adding: “The trafficking is at the bottom end, to support her own use of the substance.
“She is not living the high life.”
Earlier on Friday, she arrived in court alongside her lawyer, staring at the ground as she avoided making eye contact with the waiting media photographers.
Judge Terry Martin remanded Driscoll, held in custody.
Driscoll burst into tears when told she would be spending the weekend behind bars after Judge Martin said he needed time to consider before her sentencing on Monday.