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Girl 13, Abducted From Home In Nigeria By Adult Muslim Male From Kano, Forced To Convert And Child Marriage

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Christian girl, abducted in Southern part of Nigeria by  adult Muslim male
Taken her over one thousand miles away to muslim Northern part of Nigeria.
Abductor and his hostage tracked to Emir’s palace
Parents  informed daughter had ‘converted’ to Islam and  married to her abductor, could neither see speak to parents being Christian.

” Miss Ese Rita Oruru has been converted to Islam and renamed ‘Aisha’, married, the child is no longer your child. (she is) in the custody of the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi at the Palace.” – Muslim Chief to victims family

The report which was posted on Facebook is currently trending on social media with the hashtag #‎FreeEseOruruNow‬ ‪#‎EseIsNotAisha‬.
Teenager Ese Rita abducted and forced to convert to Islam and Child marriage

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On 12 August, 2015, 13 year old -old christian girl, Ese Rita Oruru, from the Southern part of Nigeria was abducted in her home state Bayelsa by an adult Muslim male Yinusa.Who then took her over one thousand miles away to Kano, one of the states in the predominantly Northern part of Nigeria. The abduction took place while Ese’s parents were not at home. On a tip off the teenager’s parents tracked down the abductor and his hostage to Kano where they were directed to the palace of the Emir, the traditional ruler of the state. They were informed by the local authorities that the daughter had ‘converted’ to Islam and had been married to her abductor, therefore  could neither see her parents or speak to them, since they are Christian. One of the local  leaders furious that  the girls parents should come all the way to look get  her back said//

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The abducted girl is being confined in the Emir’s palace and all efforts by her parents to get audience with the ruler, who before he was crowned was the Governor of the Country’s Central Bank have been unsuccessful as they have been prevented from entering the palace gates.
Victim’s mother, Rose Oruru at a press conference
When Ese Rita Oruru did not return home. Her mother, Rose Oruru, made efforts to locate her. These efforts led to  Mohammed, aka Daidi, who said Ese had been ‘taken’ by Yinusa  to Kano with the intention of recruiting her into a fanatical Islamic Group, converting  and marrying her.

So far, the authorities have been involved. Neither the Police. Attorney General’s Office or The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other related offenses (NHRC), in Nigeria have intervened to help free  this child from the child traffickers. In spite of the fact that the family have lodged formal complaints with the police.
Salihu Isah, a spokesperson for the Attorney General;s office said on Sunday, that ‘it was an issue that should be handled by the authorities at state level.

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“We are not aware of that and I think the question should be directed to the police and the governments of Kano and Bayelsa states,” Isah said.
On Sunday, The Chief Press Officer of the NHRC, Fatimah Mohammed, said the case had not been brought to the attention of the NHRC. However, she said, the commission had authority to conduct independent investigations into allegations of rights violations without official complaints by the affected parties.

“The commission is against child marriage, and nobody has the power to convert somebody to another religion. If it is true, the commission will investigate it,”
Social media has picked up the case and the hashtag #‎FreeEseOruruNow‬ ‪#‎EseIsNotAisha‬.is trending
 Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Emir Of kano, Ese (center) Solomon Arase (right) Inspector-General of Police,  Nigeria
The question is why the Government of Nigeria, Justice Department, Federal Police and the human rights organizations operating in the country have refused to intervene in a clear case of abduction and child trafficking, five months after the story broke.
This is clearly a federal case because it concerns the two issues of abduction and human trafficking involving a minor, as well as, infringement on religious freedom? No formal complaint required of this family beyond what they have done, so far.
Why is a traditional ruler involved in the aiding and abetting of human rights violations and the willful abuse of a minor? Members of the public. worldwide are encouraged to raise the awareness of this case and go today to #‎FreeEseOruruNow‬ ‪#‎EseIsNotAisha‬ and register their protest
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