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Terrifying Marriage Proposal: Woman thinks she is about to get robbed by a gang of thugs before her boyfriend drops to his knees in cruel prank

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Comedian Tom Mabe organized the prank in Louisville, Kentucky
Taylor, of Lebanon, arranged to surprise his partner Amanda with Mabe
She thought they were going to a restaurant when four men stopped them

They stood there menacingly until Mabe showed up dressed as a cop
One of the men said Taylor had a gun, prompting a fake search by Mabe
The comedian slipped Taylor a ring while the men broke into song


A Kentucky woman thought she was getting robbed by a gang in Louisville – but in reality, her boyfriend was just about to propose.
Taylor, of Lebanon, teamed up with comedian Tom Mabe to surprise his partner Amanda.
She thought she was going to a restaurant with Taylor after winning a gift card when four men stopped them on the street.
A video of the prank shows Amanda seemingly terrified as the four men corner her and Taylor menacingly in front of a bank.

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Taylor,pictured in a plaid shirtand his partner Amanda (in a black t-shirt) were walking in Louisville, Kentucky, when a group of men stopped them in front of a bank

330b5c6b00000578-0-image-a-24_1460335889739Comedian Tom Mabe (pictured dressed as a police officer) pretended to search Taylor after one of the men said Taylor had told him he had a gun

Amanda, holding a water bottle as well as her purse, tries to walk around the group of men but they kept standing in her way.
Taylor, who met Mabe a few years ago after reaching out for comedy advice according to Inside Edition, knew there was nothing to fear but didn’t let on he was in on the joke.Mabe had offered to do something special for the couple after seeing pictures of their baby son, Bodie, on Facebook.
The comedian dressed as a police officer and even enlisted the services of an off-duty cop in case the situation got too much to handle, Inside Edition reported.
He showed up halfway through the prank, as the four men continued to argue with Taylor and Amanda, pretending to check on the situation.

taylor_prank1Taylor then dropped down on one knee and asked Amanda to take his hand as he was about to propose. The young woman, who has a baby son with Taylor, seemed utterly shocked as she dropped all her belongings330b5c8700000578-0-image-a-25_1460335894718

But Taylor was in on the joke and Mabe discretely gave him a box (pictured) containing Amanda’s engagement ring during the fake search330b5c9700000578-0-image-a-26_1460335907211

The four men, who are actually part of a band called Linkin’ Bridge, sang a capella while Taylor asked a speechless Amanda to marry him, to which she shook her head yes330b5c9b00000578-0-image-a-27_1460335913280

The couple came in for a group hug with the four men. Amanda later said she had never been that scared in her life but wasn’t mad at Taylor after the prank, just happy they weren’t getting robbed for real
‘Are you having a problem here?’ Mabe asked.
‘Yeah, he said he had a gun,’ one of the men replied, pointing to Taylor.
‘No, we never said that,’ a panicked Amanda said, shaking her head.
‘She’s lying,’ one of the men insisted.
Mabe then took Taylor aside as if to search him.
But instead, the comedian slipped a ring box in Taylor’s hand and started snapping his fingers, prompting the four men to break into song.
‘Look at me I’m on my knees and I want to marry you,’ they began in perfect a capella harmony. Clearly shocked, Amanda dropped her water bottle and brought her hands to her head, asking: ‘What the f**’?’
Meanwhile, Taylor came down on one knee and took her hand, producing the ring. The four men kept singing as people stopped to watch.
‘Will you marry me?’ Taylor asked.

A speechless Amanda shook her head yes.

Taylor slipped the ring on her finger and his fiancee leaned in for a kiss.
The four men, who are actually part of a band called Linkin’ Bridge, ended their song as the couple and Mabe came in for a group hug.
‘You scared me to death,’ Amanda said, laughing.
‘I have never been so scared in my entire life,’ she later told KSLA.
‘I was not mad at all, I was so happy we weren’t actually being robbed.’
Linkin’ Bridge pulled a similar prank in December last year by showing up at various locations, including a parking garage and a diner, looking as if they were up to no good before eventually singing Christmas carols.

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