Stepmom, Samantha Davis, ‘beat and starved me and made me use a bucket for the toilet’  Jean Jr said
Forced to sleep on a cot in front of the garage, teen was never allowed to watch TV and banned from celebrating Christmas like Davis’ three kids in the home
He told school counsellor prompting a home visit but his stepmom hid evidence and convinced authorities he was lying
Gregory Jean, 37, and Samantha Joy Davis, 42,  were remanded in custody Sunday, charged with felony child cruelty and false imprisonment
While Jean Jr is reunited with his mother, Lisa Smith in Orlando, Fla, as Jean and Davis await trial, he urged leniency for the pair, he does not want dad or stepmom jailed 
Samantha Davis was on probation after a previous child-cruelty conviction for allegedly trying to cut her son’s tongue with hot scissors in 2004