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‘Papa Cruz on a rampage’: Senator Ted Ted’s dad Rafael rips The Donald as ‘worse than Hillary Clinton’ and says his son will win GOP nomination at the convention

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Rafeal Cruz unleashes broadside on a day when Trump held back from using the term ‘Lyin’ Ted’ to mock his rival this new episode of family feud
‘… Trump had trounced his son in New York’s primary 60%-14%, Cruz Sr responded, saying his son’s nemesis ‘is more of a Democrat than a Republican.’
‘He [Trump] can’t beat Hillary’

Rafael Cruz, the outspoken father of presidential candidate Ted Cruz, laced into his son’s rival by calling him worse Hillary Clinton. On a day when Trump trounced his son in New York’s primary, Cruz said his son’s nemesis ‘is more of a Democrat than a Republican.’
Taking a page from his son, Rafael Cruz blasted Trump for making campaign contributions to liberal firebrand Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and scandal-tarred ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner.

The Trump family celebrating  last night’s victory in the New York primaries

Even as it is becoming nearly impossible for Cruz to secure the nomination by winning a majority of delegates in the remaining state elections, Cruz is optimistic about ultimately prying the nomination away from Trump.
‘We feel very good about Indiana and we feel very god about California and I think that this run is going to go to the convention,’ he said, mentioning two upcoming states with big caches of delegates.
‘And if Donald Trump does not get 1,237 — and I don’t believe he will — he will lose at the convention. I believe that my son will get the nomination, if not by the second ballot, maybe by the third ballot.’
To win the nomination outright, a candidate must win the support of 1,237 delegates – although many delegates are free to vote as they choose after the initial balloting.

Cruz got his clock cleaned in NY but hopes to amass enough delegates to win at the GOP convention

‘Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton. That would be the dream ticket for Hillary Clinton because all the polls show that Donald Trump would lose and would lose by a landslide,’ Cruz said.
The Dallas pastor is a regular surrogate for his son’s campaign.
A Fox News poll last week had Clinton beating Cruz by 1 percentage point, while beating Trump by 7 points. But it was Ohio Gov. John Kasich led Clinton 49 to 40 percent.
‘I am convinced that he will get the nomination,’ Cruz said.
Cruz got his hat handed to him in Tuesday’s primary, coming in third place and failing to take home a single delegate in the state.

Rafael Cruz says his son is the one to defeat Hillary, though a recent poll says John Kasich would run stronger

In a low-point of the bare-knuckles campaign, the camps traded angry rhetoric about the candidates’ spouses, after a pro-Cruz super PAC made an ad featuring a racy photo of Melania Trump.
Trump subsequently retweeted an image with an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz and blamed Cruz personally for the attack, which Cruz denied knowing anything about.

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