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Death of another person connected to the Flint water contamination case

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Flint mother who was one of the first to sue over water crisis found shot to death

A 19-year-old Michigan mother who was one of the first to file lawsuits on behalf of the thousands of children poisoned by water in Flint was found shot to death this week.
The body of Sasha Bell was discovered Tuesday night at Ridgecrest Village Townhouses in Flint, authorities said. The body of a second woman, Sacorya Reed, was also found in the home. Cops have not made any arrests or determined a motive.
An infant was found uninjured in the apartment, but it’s not clear if that was Bell’s son.
Yesterday the death was reported of the  Water Treatment Plant foreman, Matthew McFarland, just days before 3 of his colleagues were to be served with subpoenas to appear before the committee investigating the Flint water contaimnation issue. The police are still waiting for reports to determine the official cause of death of 43-year old McFarland.

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Sasha Bell, with her young son, was found shot to death on Tuesday night in Flint.

Sasha Bell’s lawsuit alleges that her 16-month-old son suffers from lead poisoning because of “corporate and government misconduct.”
“She just wanted what was best for her son,” her New York-based lawyer Corey Stern told the Daily News on Friday. “She loved her son.”
Stern said that Bell’s lawsuit will go on, despite her death.
“It’s really her son’s case,” he told The News.
The lawsuit named a group of companies, as well as three current or former government officials. One of the defendants tried to get the case moved to U.S. District Court, but a judge ruled earlier this month that the case should be heard in Genesee County Circuit Court in Flint, where the lawsuit was filed.
Stern says he is representing approximately 1,000 Flint children, and emphasized they are individual cases — it is not a class action suit. He has been traveling to the city over the last few months.
“There’s not a lot of foot traffic, the restaurants are empty,” he said of the city. “It’s a community that’s suffered from some serious trauma. I’ve met thousands of people in three months going back and forth, and they are resilient.


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“Communities get torn apart or come together, and I think they have come together.”
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