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60 Minutes has a track record of assisting ‘child-napping’

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Reporter Liz Hayes was involved in another child recovery attempt in 2014. A 60 Minutes crew filmed a mother’s attempt to seize her child in Turkey.

‘if you imagine NINE was sandbagged into helping ‘desperate mum’,  Sally Faulkner…….. think again.’
Turns out 60 Minutes filmed another mother’s desperate child recovery mission ‘with veteran reporter Liz Hayes’ – but the story was never put on air

A 60 Minutes crew filmed another mother’s desperate attempt to seize her child in 2014, it has been revealed. The incident was understood to involve a crew including veteran reporter Liz Hayes, also involving a child recovery agency.
But the footage has never been put to air.
Sources said the child was extracted from Turkey in October that year.
‘It has not and is not likely to go to air as it is a Family Court matter’.
Last week, Channel Nine reporter Tara Brown and a three man filming crew members returned after spending a fortnight in custody in Beirut.
They were imprisoned after filming the group Child Abduction Recovery International attempt to ‘rescue’ Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner’s two children, Lahela, five, and Noah, three.

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