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Woman claiming rape by soccer player taped in bed with two soccer players 36 hours before trial

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A woman who was allegedly raped by a £25,000-a-week Premiership footballer Cabral (pictured) was filmed in bed with two other players just 36 hours before the trial began

Woman alleges ex-Premier League soccer player Cabral ‘raped me twice after spending £1,200 on drinks in nightclub VIP room’ …but she was filmed in bed with two other players just hours before she was due in court

The former Sunderland player is accused of attacking a 21-year-old woman he met on a night out. The alleged victim says she wants him jailed for ‘raping’ her, while  the defense have portrayed her as a groupie who targets young black professional soccer players with ‘flash’, for compensation

Former Sunderlad midfielder Cabral is accused of attacking the woman on January 25 last year, he has consistently maintained the sex was consensual

A woman has claimed she was raped by a former Premier League soccer player, Adilson Tavares Varela , twice in one night, after meeting him on a night out.

However during the trial the defense showed the court a film of the 21-year-old  woman who was  in bed with two Nwecastle players just 36 hours before the trial began.
The alleged victim fought back tears as she was accused of having intimate relationships with six Newcastle players after a video of her in a bedroom with two other professional soccer players was shown to a jury.
Earlier she recounted under oath how she was pinned down and raped by ex-Sunderland defender Cabral, 27,  real-name Adilson Traveres Varela , back in his apartment after meeting him in the Newcastle nightclub Tup Tup.
After reminding her that she had testified the day before that she had no interest in footballers, defense attorney Kitty Taylor asked the young woman about the video, which was filmed in the bedroom of Kevin Mbabu, 21,along with Rolando Aarons, 20, less than two days before the trial.
The Defense had obtained three videos showing the alleged victim meeting both players.

newcastle-united-training-sessionNewcastle’s Swiss defender Kevin Mbabu. In one of the films with the alleged victim

Ms Taylor during cross examination asked: ‘On Saturday night you ended up in bed with two black footballers. Why did you not tell the jury this?’
The woman replied saying they were her friends and she ‘did not regard them as footballers’, adding: ‘There were a few people in bed. It was not that. I have known them so long.’
Taylor accused the woman of ‘seeking out the company’ of black, professional footballers. The woman repeatedly said this was not the case and added that she was dating a white man.
Under further cross examination, the woman told the jury how she was at Mbabu’s house when she got into his bed, along with his girlfriend, who she says is her best friend,for comfort.
She testified that Aarons then walked in with another girl and began making Snapchat films. The video showed Aarons filming as Mbabu, his girlfriend and the alleged victim were together in bed. She denies Aarons also got into the bed.
Pressed on why she did not mention the incident, Ms Taylor then stated: ‘You gave him a kiss and are doing something with your skirt? You were lying about your level of contact?’
The woman said: ‘I was not lying. I had forgotten.
‘Everyone is making out I am with with footballers. I was with my best friend. My boyfriend would not be comfortable around me if I was going out with footballers.’
Mrs Taylor suggested that the situation she got into on Saturday night was similar to the night on which she now claims she was raped.
The Defense attorney asked her: ‘What on earth were you thinking? Preparing for this event by going out on Saturday night and ending up in bed with two professional footballers in the early hours of the morning?’
The woman further admitted she once had a relationship with yet another soccer player, former Newcastle winger Kezengar LuaLua, 25, when she was younger and that it had been sexual.

premiership-3pm-kicks-offsThe alleged victim fought back tears as she was accused of having relationships with six Newcastle players after a video of her in a bedroom  with Rolando Aarons and another team mate Kevin  Mbabu was shown

Ms Taylor put it to the woman that she had also had relationships with former Newcastle striker Nile Ranger, 25, Ivan Toney, 20, and Michael Hoganson, 22.
The woman denied having relationships with Ranger and Toney, saying it was ‘all lies’. She said she had known Hoganson from school when he was not a footballer.
When asked if she had had a relationship with Fuse ODG, a London-born rapper when he played a concert in Newcastle last November, but she claimed they were friends.
Mrs Taylor said: ‘Of all these names I put to you, you know them all? Five of them are professional footballers, four are black and two of them – Kevin Mbabu and Rolando Aarons are in bed with you?
‘Is it not the reality you are attracted to professional footballer who have money and flash the cash on a Saturday night?’
She replied: ‘No. I buy my own tables.’
The complainant also denied that she was accusing Varela of rape to get compensation.
She was in tears as she said: ‘I don’t want money. I want this man to go to jail for what he’s done to me.’
Earlier this week, the woman told the jury that she met Varela in a nightclub in Newcastle and went back to his flat in Gateshead with friends, including former French international Anthony Reveillere.
The jury has been told that Varela bought a magnum of vodka in the club’s VIP area costing £1,200. Varela, who now plays for Swiss team FC Zurich, has consistently maintained the sex was consensual. The trial continues.

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