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Oxford law student Ntokozo Qwabe who famously said ‘We are tired of propping-up the existence of systemic racism’ ups the ante with ‘Remove the symbols of racism and I’ll tip the white waitress’?

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Qwabe says he cant’t ‘stop smiling’ because something ‘so black’ and ‘wonderful’ just happened.

Student who accused Oxford of propping-up ‘existence of systemic racism’ now says “We will tip [waitress] when you return the land”’

Ruffled feathers Last year with ‘the so called ‘British institutions’ were built on the colonial plunders of my resources, and on the labour of my people who were enslaved

‘…Still trying to figure out if there is a tie-in between the message and the action here, or he was merely being a cheap provocateur’

Oxford University Won't Bow To Pressure To Remove Statue Of 19th Century  Colonialist Sir Cecil Rhodes
With the statue still in place, it appears that Qwabe has traded taking issue with colonialist statues for upsetting ‘white’ waitresses. In a recent Facebook post, Qwabe says he cant’t ‘stop smiling’ because something ‘so black’ and ‘wonderful’ just happened. Qwabe then goes on to recall a lunch he enjoyed with a ‘radical non-binary trans black activist’ in South Africa. When the time came for the pair to pay the bill, his friend came up with a novel tactic for tipping. Rather than offer gratuity, his friend wrote on a slip of paper: ‘we will give tip when you return the land’.

Unsurprisingly the ‘white waitress’ was taken aback when she received the note. However, Qwabe had little sympathy — complaining that she burst into ‘typical white tears’:


The Oxford law student who accused his own university of normalising and propping-up the “existence of systemic racism” has said he is growing tired of the ‘why go to Oxford?’ question being asked by the public.

 Ntokozo Qwabe, who studies the coveted Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) course at the university, added in a post on his Facebook: “I am tired at the buffoonery of being told that I should have stayed at my OWN institutions in Afrika [sic] instead of going to THEIR institutions and asking them to change.”

The student, originally from the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa and a former teaching assistant at the University of Cape Town, first created debate in Decenber 2015, when it emerged he posted a message onto Facebook, two days after the Paris attacks, in which he said: “ I do NOT stand with France. Not while it continues to terrorise and bomb Afrika [sic] & the Middle East for its imperial interests.”
He also described the French flag was a “violent symbol,”
“I would agree with that in the same way that the presence of a Nazi flag would have to be fought against.”
The  co-founder of the Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford movement which is campaigning to remove a “racist” statue of the 19th Century colonialist Cecil Rhodes from Oriel College – also, this week, went on to hit out at the British media for feeding a “racist myth,” and insisted Oxford produces graduates with an “unjustly skewed view of the world.”
He also added: “We can NEVER be ‘hypocrites’ for taking back crumbs of the colonial loot of Rhodes & his colonial cronies.”


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