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Fetus found in woman’s purse during drug arrest

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Photo: Bridge City Sheriff’s Office
Bernadette Rivera, 32, was found with a fetus in her purse during an arrest for drug possession.

Park Police made a startling discovery during an arrest at Cassiano Park west of downtown San Antonio late Thursday night.
Officers were making an arrest on Bernadette Rivera for drug possession when they said they also located what appeared to be a human fetus.
Ms Rivera, 32, had several felonies worth of narcotics, including heroin and methamphetamine, on her — reportedly near her private area, sources told KENS-TV.
During the search, Rivera openly told officers of the fetus in her purse and explained that she recently had a miscarriage.
“Rivera left the hospital with the remains deciding that she would determine” the disposal of them, said San Antonio Police Department Public Information Officer Romana Lopez.
Officers discovered decomposing tissue about two inches long inside a small plastic Q-Tip box covered by napkins inside Rivera’s purse, San Antonio police reported.
The fetus was estimated to be about 8 weeks old.
Detectives determined that Rivera’s possession of the fetus was not a criminal case and she is only being charged with possession of narcotics.
The Medical Examiner’s Office is in contact with Rivera’s family and they are working on funeral arrangements.

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