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Selfie Tragedy! Youth shoots himself posing for selfie with gun

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Photo: ANI News
Ramandeep Singh has shot himself dead while posing for a selfie

Teen accidentally pulls the trigger, instead of clicking camera, fatally shooting himself in the head while posing for selfie

Ramandeep Singh, 15, from Shiv Nagar, India, has died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while posing for selfie with his dad’s gun while  trying to take a selfie with his sister and the .32-calibre revolver when the disaster occurred. It was reported that he shot himself at close range. The student was rushed to hospital with ‘critical’ head injuries after his sibling and concerned neighbours raised the alarm on Friday night, police said.
The teen was attempting to take a selfie with his dad’s loaded gun, as he pointed the loaded gun at his head, he pulled the weapon’s trigger instead of clicking the photograph, shooting himself, point blank.

 The Indian teenager died from his injuries at a private hospital in Ludhiana (file picture)Ramandeep Singh, 15, died from his injuries at a private hospital in Ludhiana

He tragically succumbed to his wounds today. Ramandeep’s death is the latest in a growing list of selfie-related fatalities – a large proportion of which take place in India.
The teenager, who attended Guru Harkishen Public School, and his older sister were reportedly alone in the house at the time of the deadly shooting. The gun belonged to Ramandeep’s property dealer father, and was usually kept in a wardrobe inside the home, police said. After the incident, Ramandeep was taken to a private hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab, where he was given emergency treatment. But despite medics’ best efforts, he later died from his injuries.
“As per statement given by his father, Ramandeep sustained bullet injury while taking selife with a revolver and the shot got accidentally fired,” Pathankot Deputy Superintendent of Police (City) Manoj Kumar told the Indian Express.
Police have now seized the revolver that claimed Ramandeep’s life.

Last August, a 21-year-old Mexican man died after shooting himself in the head while taking a gun-toting selfie.  In Bali, a Singaporean man died after losing his balance while taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff. Last year, in India alone at least 27 people died worldwide in selfie-related circumstances.Of these, around half occurred in India. In January this year, a young man fell to his death while trying to snap a selfie from the top of Reasi Fort in Jammu and Kashmir,  last January, three Indian college students were struck and killed by a train while attempting to take a picture of themselves.
The high number of selfie-related deaths worldwide has been recorgnized as a problem by authorities. In India, Mumbai is to set up ‘no-selfie zones’ at potentially dangerous locations.

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