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Death of Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mum couldd spark court battle over $140Million estate

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Tupac Shakur’s $140million estate could subject of court wranglings after his mum Afeni’s death

Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur, 69, who was left in control of her son’s estate, passed away this week

Tupac Shakur’s $140million estate could be thrown into chaos after the death of his mum. Afeni Shakur passed away on Tuesday aged 69 and a cause of death has not yet been released.
It is yet to be announced who will gain control over Tupac’s fortune in the absence of a will – Her enstranged husband whom she was in the process of divorcing before her death, Gust Davis or the rapper’s half-sister, Sekyiwa Shakur.
Afeni was the inspiration behind one of the legendary rapper’s most iconic songs, Dear Mama, and oversaw his legacy after he passed away almost 20 years ago. The rapper was shot as he cruised through Las Vegas with Death Row Record boss Marion ‘Suge’ Knight. He died six days later.

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Afeni was left in control of her son’s estate, but she was locked in a bitter divorce battle with Gus Davis who wants half of the assets

Afeni became co-executor of her son’s estate, estimated at being worth up to $40m and also a library of unreleased material valued at more than $100 million. At the time of her death, Afeni was in the middle of divorce proceedings from husband Gust Davis – who she married eight years after Tupac’s death. According to reports, she filed divorce papers on March 18th but was negotiating proceedings after Davis requested alimony payments totalling about half of the money generated by Tupac’s estate, in addition to other assets purchased by the couple.

Sekyiwa Shakur, Tupac’s sister

Afeni Shakur filed for divorce from her husband Gus Davis after 12 years of marriage, but her soon-to-be ex-husband wants a piece of the Tupac Shakur estate. Tupac’s mom filed papers in North Carolina where they don’t recognize 50/50 split in division of property. He is seeking various items in the divorce, including the right to live on the 50 acre North Carolina ranch and the expensive Jaguar vehicle. But he also wants alimony. Davis, who is a minister, is seeking $10,000 a month from Shakur for the rest of his life. Davis claims that Shakur gets $20,000 a month after expenses from the Tupac Shakur estate, which earns $900,000 a year. Shakur, who before her death had been separated from her husband for over a year and was living on a houseboat in California, asked the court to deny Davis’s alimony request.

Afeni Shakur She passed away aged 69
The doting mother
wenn3807The Activist, outspoken

It is yet to be announced who will gain control over Tupac’s fortune in the absence of a will – Gust Davis or the rapper’s half-sister, Sekyiwa Shakur. Afeni’s death was confirmed by the Marin County Sheffif’s Office in California on Tuesday, although a cause of death has not yet been released.
A statement read: “Renown rap artist #Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur Davis, age 69, died late last night in Marin County. ”

Proud parent Afeni Shakur, executor of Tupac’s estate

Proud parent Afeni was the subject of her son’s 1995 hit Dear Mama, in which he rapped: “There’s no way I can pay you back, but the plan is to show you that I understand. You are appreciated.”
She was born Alice Faye Williams, changing her name when she joined the Black Panther movement in New York City.


Tupac wrote his hit song Dear Mama about her

Along with other members, she was arrested in 1969 and charged with conspiracy to bomb multiple city landmarks, but was acquitted on all charges in May 1971.

Just one month later she gave birth to Tupac and, following his tragic death in a shooting in 1996, she took over his estate and continued his legacy. Two years ago, she co-produced Broadway musical Holler If Ya Here Me, which featured the icon’s music.

tupac-shakur_0007Tupac on the TV series ‘Criminal Intent’
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