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Pregnant Special needs teen found with uterus cut out after accusing stepfather of rape

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Holli Jeffcoat, an 18-year-old who was killed in February, was found with her throat slit in a partially-burned home after she accused her stepfather of raping her.

Found slain in a partially-burned home with throat slashed and uterus cut out

Mom aided Stepfather, covering decade long abuse, because she needed him to pay the bills.
18-year-old Holly’s “mental age was approximately 6-7 years”
Stepfather, James Holland, 39, arrested in March on three counts of sexual abuse

long history of abuse includes giving her STDs when she was only 8 years old

A Texas man is accused of raping and impregnating his special needs 18-year-old stepdaughter, who was found slain with her uterus ripped out, following nearly a decade of sexual abuse, authorities said.

On Monday, investigators revealed a damning history of sexual assaults that plagued Holli Jeffcoat dating back to 2008, according to court documents obtained by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

Debi Holland, mother of Holli Jeffcoat, is escorted into the Lubbock County Detention Center after being arrested on a charge of aggravated sexual assault Friday, April 29, 2016.

‘When specifically asked whether Mom knew about James and Holli having sex, Holli said yes, Mom told her not to tell anyone because Mom needed James to pay bills.’

Jeffcoat was found slain in a partially-burned home in Idalou about 100 miles south of Amarillo on Feb. 10, weeks after the developmentally disabled teenager accused her stepfather of raping her.
Cops arrested Jeffcoat’s stepfather, James Holland, 39, on three counts of sexual abuse in March.
Authorities have not charged any suspects in Jeffocoat’s death.
An arrest warrant linking Jeffcoat’s mother Debi Holland to the victim’s death states the home was set ablaze in an attempt to hide gruesome details — the killer slit Jeffcoat’s throat and cut her uterus from her body. She was 13-weeks pregnant.

Lubbock County Detention Center
Debi Holland, accused of aiding and abetting her husband in the abuse of her mentally disabled child

Police accused Debi Holland of covering up her husband’s abuse following her arrest on Friday. She may have prevented crucial medical exams that may have detected signs of rape and sexually-transmitted diseases passed from the stepfather to Jeffcoat, authorities alleged.
Jeffcoat came forward to school officials and the Children’s Advocacy Center accusing her stepfather of raping and impregnating her. “She didn’t want to go home with dad because she didn’t want to have sex,” KCBD-TV reported Jeffcoat as saying, citing court documents. “The sex hurt.”
The teen told the school she could now feel the baby inside her — especially when she ran in physical education class — and her stepfather intended to abort her fetus with coat hanger.
In a written statement detailed by the Lubbock County newspaper, Jeffcoat claimed Holland molested her in the car ride home from school.
Jeffcoat’s mother denied knowledge of the abuse when confronted by school employees and authorities and said her husband had been “intravenously using methamphetamines” for several years.

 Lubbock County Detention Center

James Holland, alleged child abuser



According to authorities the house was intentionally torched to cover the crime

Doctors discovered the first hints of sexual abuse following a vehicle collision in 2008 when a blood test revealed Jeffcoat had a STD. She also showed signs of penetration injuries.
The abuser never faced charges related to the findings, the paper wrote.
Because Jeffcoat had the mental age of a 6-to-7-year-old, she could never consent to sex with Holland. Debi Holland faces one count of aggravated sexual assault of a disabled person in suspicion of Jeffcoat’s abuse.
Hqwever, two days after the assessment at Children’s Advocacy Center, Holli’s younger sister was scheduled for a diagnosis and treatment for sexual abuse. A fifth reporting individual noted Debi Holland’s behavior as “nervous” and “fidgety” and stated an exam was unnecessary because her daughter’s hymen had been altered due to athletics.
The report states no physical assessments or STD tests were performed that day. At that point, Debi Holland allegedly told the fifth reporting individual James Holland had no drug or alcohol problems; however, in a follow-up interview with law enforcement, she reportedly stated James had been intravenously using methamphetamine inside the family’s home for an extended period of time.
“Consequently, Debi lied in order to cover for James and impede the CPS investigation on February 4, 2016,” the affidavit reads.
Six days later, Holli’s body was found in the bedroom of her northeast Lubbock County home. The Lorenzo special needs student who spoke out had her throat slashed, according to the affidavit; her womb and uterus were removed.
Debi Holland and James Holland are in police custody.

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