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Texas couple arrested for trying to ‘BUY’ a girl’s virginity for $10,000

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Trafficking charges filed after paedophile agreed to pay Frisco woman $10,000 pimping fees for girl’s virginity.
Delacruz paid $100 just for  touching the girl, Aguilar kept a $50 fee and offered the other half to the girl

A Texas man is being accused to trying to pay $10,000 to “buy” the virginity of an underage girl, the Dallas Morning News reports.
Cirino Santiago Delacruz, 32, and Adriana Aguilar, 33, have both been slapped with felony trafficking charges after negotiating the price. The two are now in custody.
The incident reportedly happened in December and police were notified when the girl told her parents last month.

a5-800x430Cirino Santiago Delacruz and Adriana Aguilar

According to the documents the girl knew Aguilar, who in December invited her to ride along on some errands. She took the girl to an apartment, where she met Delacruz.
Aguilar told the girl that Delacruz offered to pay $10,000 to have sex with her and take her virginity.
The girl said she was physically forced into a bedroom. Delacruz kissed her, put his hand up her shirt and felt her bare breast while she tried to get him off of her, according to the affidavit. When he tried to take off her pants, the girl said she fought him and was allowed to leave the bedroom.
Aguilar became angry with the girl because she wouldn’t have sex with Delacruz, according to the affidavit. Aguilar told the girl not to tell anyone what happened. The girl told investigators she was fearful of both Aguilar and Delacruz.
Delacruz paid $100 for being able to touch the girl, according to the affidavit. Aguilar kept $50 for delivering the girl and offered the other half to the girl. The girl told investigators she didn’t want the money but eventually took it.
The girl told the investigators she feared both Delacruz and Aguilar. Child protective services are now involved with the case.

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