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Incredible Rescue Story! Woman survives six days under rubble in Nairobi

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A woman trapped in a residential building has been rescued after being trapped for six days under rubble in Nairobi, Thursday,  nearly a week after it collapsed. The woman was taken away by ambulance to the cheers of the crowd in Nairobi’s Huruma district. At least 36 people were killed when the building crumbled lasty week Friday, following days of heavy rainstorms.
Rescued after 6 days under the rubble in Nairobi
Rescuers found more survivorsof Nairobi building collapse
Rescuers and medical workers caring for a 1-year-old girl rescued after 4 days under rubble.

Rescuers found four more survivors Thursday in the rubble of an apartment building that collapsed six days ago amid heavy rains in the Kenyan capital, raising hopes that more people might still be alive in a disaster that left 36 dead and dozens missing.
One of those rescued was a pregnant woman, although her husband said that amid the joy of finding her alive, doctors also told him that their baby had not survived.
Soldiers, firefighters and volunteers have been working around the clock since the April 29 collapse of the seven-story building in a desperate search. On Tuesday a 6-month-old babyl was found relatively unscathed in a wash basin. Then on Thursday, they pulled three women and a man from the debris.

image_1462462204_17750232Photo: Reuters
A woman is rescued from the rubble of a six-storey building that collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya, May 5, 2016.

prior to the  military engineers broking through the concrete slabs that had trapped the woman in a corner of the building, medics had given her oxygen and an intravenous drip of water and glucose, according to Kenya’s Disaster Management Unit who said it was rare for anyone to survive more than 72 hours without water in such instances.
According to a spokesperson for the Kenya Red Cross, at least 70 people remain missing, the search and rescue mission conrinues around the clock with the hope of finding more  survivors.
Authorities initially used backhoes in the search, with firefighters and volunteers also removing chunks of debris by hand in the frantic rescue effort to rescue the trapped survivors. A day later,  military canine units were brought in, along with special equipment to detect breathing and movement, to help with the rescue operation, according to military spokesman Col. David Obonyo.
The building collapsed in Nairobi’s low-income Huruma neighborhood with a death toll of  36 with over 130 people injured. A neighbor claims the building which collapsed  amid heavy seasonal rains had been constructed rapidly and poorly, and its more than 125 single rooms were snapped up quickly at a rent of $35 per month.
Kenyan government sources said the building failed local building codes, it was constructed  less than 15 feet from a river, when the code calls for six times that distance. The National Construction Authority said it had marked the building as unfit for habitation, but the county government failed to follow up and ensure demolition. The building’s two owners were taken into custody but released on $5,000 bail Wednesday, pending formal charges.


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