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Ex-wrestler Yevgeniy “Eugene” Savenok, charged with stabbing death of his pregnant wife and son

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Ex-college wrestler Yevgeniy “Eugene” Savenok, 30, charged with TWO counts of murder
Stabbed pregnant wife and premature son who was delivered and briefly lived He feared she’d take their kids away

Lyuba Savenok, 23, found with kitchen knife plunged in her chest in their Minn. home
History of troubled marriage, in 2014 court filings Lyuba said she’d been beaten and abused by her husband.

Lyuba Savenok (left) was stabbed to death by Yevgeniy Savenok (right) who fled the Eden Prairie home with his two children  but later turned himself and confessed to the crime

Ex-college wrestler Yevgeniy “Eugene” Savenok, 30 was charged Tuesday with the stabbing death of his pregnant wife, who said in 2014 court filings that she had been beaten and abused by her husband. He faces two counts of first-degree murder in the Saturday killing of Lyuba Savenok, 23, who was stabbed to death in the couple’s Eden Prairie, Minn., home.
The couple had two children, according to local court documents, and Lyuba Savenok was “noticeably pregnant,” Hennepin County prosecutors said. The second murder count is based on the death of the premature child, who did not survive an emergency C-section, according to prosecutors.
Authorities said Lyuba Savenok’s younger sister witnessed the attack about 10:30 a.m. Saturday and called police. They found Lyuba Savenok stabbed multiple times and with a kitchen knife stuck in her chest. Her husband had fled with the children but later turned himself in at a hospital.

Lyuba Savenok said her husband struck her during sex, wrestled and hit her, and pulled her up by her hair on vaious occasions.

343decbc00000578-3593107-her_30_year_old_husband_yeveginy_savenok_pictured_right_fled_the-a-13_1463416253002Prosecutors say Yevgeniy Savenok confessed to the crime. Savenok, prosecutors said, had returned from the Chicago area the night before, and he told police that during his drive he thought about using a knife to kill his wife. Yevgeniy Savenok said he believed he had stabbed his wife at least seven times in her torso and upper chest. An autopsy concluded she was stabbed a dozen times.
He told police that the couple had domestic troubles and his wife was going to take their children away from him, prosecutors said.
“It was probably my only way,” he reportedly told authorities.
Savenok graduated from Wheaton College in 2009, and online records indicate that he was on the school’s wrestling team. He is a 2004 graduate of Wheaton Warrenville South High School, Community Unit School District 200 said.
DuPage County court filings indicated a troubled relationship between the couple, who married Sept. 25, 2010, two days after Lyuba turned 18. The couple had children in 2012 and 2013, according to a divorce document Lyuba Savenok filed against her husband in late 2014. She withdrew the divorce petition in April 2015, records show. Earlier in 2014, she filed an order of protection against her husband..

343f785c00000578-3593107-image-m-15_1463417878353Wedding day  6 years back flanked by friends , Lyuba and Yevginy (pictured center)
3440102400000578-3593107-image-a-33_1463423199217The crime scene, the couples home.  Yevgeniy Savenok confessed h to stabbing his wife at least seven times in her torso and upper chest. Autopsy concluded she was stabbed a dozen times. he said on return trip from Chicago the night before, he thought about using a knife to kill his wife.

In the Aug. 27, 2014, document Lyuba Savenok reported three incidents of abuse had taken place that month, including what she described as a 45-minute wrestling bout, during which she allegedly was struck repeatedly and left with bruises and a bloody nose.
“I overheard him talking to his dad on the phone yesterday telling him the only way this will end is me in the hospital or him in jail,” she wrote.
Savenok said her husband had taken her car keys, phone and identification away “to keep me feeling alone and helpless and scared,” she wrote.
Investigators say the couple had called police for domestic issues in the past, both in Illinois and Minnesota. An order for protection had been issued on a prior occasion against Yevgeniy Savenok, who has pending charges for domestic assault from an incident August 21. However, she withdrew the order about 10 days later, documents show.
Yevgeniy Savenok was also facing charges in Minnesota for a 2015 domestic incident, according to authorities.

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