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‘Sociopath’ and ‘Sociopath-In-Training’: Natalie Keepers, Ex-Virginia Tech student charged as accessory in murder of teen girl claims she and David Eisenhauer felt empowered by the killing of Nicole Lovell, 13

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Ex-Virginia Tech student charged as accessory in murder of Nicole Lovell, 13, claims to be a’sociopath in training’

Natalie Keepers, 19, helped fellow ‘sociopath’, David Eisenhauer, 18, hatch elaborate plan for slaying and disposing of the body.

‘Regardless of the mindless barbling of self proclaimed ‘sociopath-in-training’ Natalie Keepers, the real tragedy here is the fact that our young victim Nicole, a 13-year-old no less,  regularly connected with men online, something that concerned her friends and relatives.
To quote her friends “She always talked of running away with him [Eisenhauer],” “She used to talk to a lot of older guys. A lot of people told her not to. I told her it’s not safe. I told her she was going to be hurt or kidnapped or something.”
         …Today’s youth and teens are so greatly enamoured with the concept of being wildly popular, ‘trending’, and the annonymity of pecking away at the keyboard in achieving this objective, oblivious to the hidden dangers such behaviour exposes them to.
Another troubling question is, how we even bred college freshmen who get a high from murder, and proudly so?
The legal prosecution of this case will go on, the challange is how we tackle the underlying behavioural modulators for our youth’

David Eisenhauer has been charged with killing 13-year-old whom he met online

The former Virginia Tech student who helped her friend kidnap and murder a 13-year-old girl called her co-defendant a “sociopath” and herself a “sociopath in training,” police said Friday.
David Eisenhauer, 18, and Natalie Keepers, 19, who are charged with the abduction and slaying of Nicole Lovell, exchanged chilling text messages about the logistics of hiding the young teen’s dead body, new testimony in their trial in Virginia revealed.
“Always go overkill, especially when your life is on the line,” Eisenhauer texted his accomplice, Keepers, in reference to having scrubbed and sanitized Lovell’s corpse with cleaning supplies they purchased together at Walmart.
In other gruesome text exchanges, the pair discussed the best way to murder Lovell. They considered drugging her, making it look like a suicide and knocking her unconscious and leaving her to freeze to death.
But Eisenhauer and Keepers, both former engineering students at Virginia Tech, eventually settled on an “official plan” to “grab her from behind, cover her mouth and slit her throat,” Blacksburg Police Detective Ryan Hite testified Friday, while Lovell’s family sat in the court room and fought back tears, CBS reported.

30c3bf0b00000578-0-image-a-2_1454276679904Nicole Lovell, 13, met her suspected killer, David Eisenhauer (top right), online, and snuck out of her house the night of her murder to meet him. Natalie keepers (lower right) has been charged as an accessory in the murder

Montgomery County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Robert Jr. found probable cause to send Eisenhauer and Keepers’ case to a grand jury during Friday’s hearing.
Eisenhauer is accused of kidnapping Lovell, a seventh grader who sneaked out of her house on the night of Jan. 27 to meet up with the older teen whom she met online and considered to be her boyfriend. Lovell’s remains were found three days later in a remote area across the North Carolina border.
Prosecutors have stated that Keepers, who is charged with being an accessory to the murder, helped Eisenhauer hatch an elaborate plan for the slaying and then assisted in disposing of the body.


Virginia Tech freshman David Eisenhauer has been arrested and charged with felony abduction in relation to the disappearance of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell (picture) of Blacksburg, Virginia.

The two scouted out a secluded spot to toss Lovell’s corpse, bought cleaning supplies and shovels from separate Walmarts, and drove past the girl’s apartment to keep an eye on her, Montgomery County Commonwealth’s Attorney Mary Pettitt has said.
Keepers cooperated with investigators and took them to the site where they disposed of Lovell’s body, pointing out tire tracks from Eisenhauer’s car and their footprints in the blood-spattered snow. She also pointed out locations where they disposed of Nicole’s clothes and backpack, Detective Hite testified, according to CBS.

Self proclaimed ‘Sociopath and Sociopath-in-training’: Eisenhauer and Keepers

Police found a blanket emblazoned with “Minions” cartoons belonging to Lovell —which she brought with her when she snuck out her window to meet Eisenhauer — inside Keepers’ Virginia Tech dorm room, police testified.
Eisenhauer was more tight-lipped than Keepers, according to Friday’s testimony. During his interview with police, he told them cops should focus on finding Lovell’s body “rather than interrogate the last person to see her alive. I’m calling a lawyer. I’m done.” He told police he met Lovell outside her house on the night of Jan. 27, but he hadn’t realized how young she was and that the teen never got in his car.

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