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Crackhead Anthony Lopez, strangled girlfriend Obiamaka Aduba and wheeled body around Staten Island on a dolly

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Crackhead Anthony Lopez, 31 abandoned the corpse of his long term girlfriend, Obiamaka Aduba, 26,  in the front yard of a small brick home on Staten Island.

She had been “strangled and hit upside the head. She was topless but had jeans on.” Her nose was bloody and there were marks on her neck – cops

Gang banger  has been arrested 52 times on charges including domestic violence. In 2007, he allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face and locked himself in his home.

Facing murder charge after confessing to his brother that he had k’illed his wife’, tbefore absconded on Friday

Residents of a waterfront Staten Island community awoke Friday to find a man pushing around a metal dolly with a wrapped-up load that looked extremely suspicious. And their hunch was right on. Not only was he pushing around a body, it allegedly turned out to be his long-suffering partner of many years.

Obiamaka Aduba, strangled and dumped topless on a dolly on Staten Island by boyfriend Anthony Lopez

When neighbors on Post Lane in Mariners Harbor first saw the man allegedly pushing his deceased cargo toward the aptly named Kill Van Kull around 7 a.m., one of the local residents rang up an off-duty detective buddy to come by and take a look.
As soon as the cop got out of his car, Lopez ditched the corpse of his 26-year-old alleged victim,  who was still on the bloody dolly,   in the front yard of a small brick home and bolted.
According to the prosecutors, career criminal Anthony Lopez, seen dragging the dead body of his longtime girlfriend on a dolly on Staten Island strangled her to death before trying to hide the body.  Lopez, 31, was seen wheeling the body of Obiamaka Aduba, 26, on a wood and metal dolly on Post Lane near Richmond Terrace in Mariners Harbor Friday morning, police said.

Lopez, who has 52 previous arrests, ran from the cops after a neighbor spotted him moving the body. He shaved his head to conceal his identity but was nabbed Saturday, authorities said.
“The decreased is a longtime girlfriend,” said assistant district attorney Brooke Baranoski during the arraignment Sunday. “The defense and the deceased have a long history of violence in the past.”

body23n-2-webAnthony Lopez is suspected of strangling his longtime girlfriend to death and then wheeling her body around on a dolly on Staten Island.

The off-duty officer who scared off the thug recognized him from past gang-related crimes, according to police. Lopez is a member of the Bloods gang and has been arrested 52 times on charges including domestic violence, police said.
He confessed to his brother that he had killed his wife, then absconded on Friday, according to cops.  In 2007, he allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face and locked himself in his home. Three years later, he was convicted of criminal contempt and was sent to prison for two years.
Lopez pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and begged for methadone to help him cope with drug withdrawal symptoms.
“He’s in distress,” his defense lawyer, Philip Ohene, said.
Judge William Garnett ordered Lopez held without bail until his next court date


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