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Columbian woman disarms knife wielding thief, forces him to strip NAKED in the middle of the street

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Woman robbery victim in Colombia disarms thief and dishes out instant street justicewith a dose of humiliation 

Victim and friends catch up with knife wielding mugger, force him to strip NAKED in the middle of the street …in daylight

The brazen thief who had mugged the woman is hunted down and forced to strip naked in the street. Surrounded by a group of her friends, the woman tugs at the man’s hair and slaps him around the head, screaming.  The woman makes the terrified man do through this ritual humiliation in the Columbian capital of Bogotá.

The man had tried to rob her with a knife during the day. But the irate woman went after the man and managed to disarm him before demanding that her return her possessions. Surrounded by a group of her friends, the woman barges him around as she shouts in Spanish.

A Columbian woman demands her possessions back after the man tried to steal from her
She gathers tufts of the man’s hair and yanks them painfully, bringing the man to his knees

The man is clearly terrified as the tables are turned on him. He pleads with her to let him go but the furious woman won’t let him go without humiliating him first. With her handbag swinging in one arm, she keeps a hold of the thief in another and shouts angrily at him. She forces the man to his knees as he quickly wipes away tears.

The failed thief cringes in pain
The woman makes the man take off his hoodie and she throws it on the ground 

But in an unforeseen turn of events, she demands that the man take his hoodie off. He does so reluctantly and she throws it to the other side of the pavement. Impatiently, she tugs off his vest top next. The man is reluctant to let her do this and tries to cling on desperately.

The angry woman then rips off the man’s vest
His clothes are discarded at the other edge of the pavement 

Things become more risqué when the woman demands that the man take off his shorts.
After she shouts at him some more, the terrified man removes his shorts.
He pulls them off over his trainers and stands sheepishly in his pants.
Still holding on to his hair, the woman turns him around to her friends to humiliate him more.

The terrified man then takes off his shorts for the angry woman 
She continues to hold his hair as he removes his trainers and socks

He tries to walk away from her when she tells him to take off his pants. But she violently tugs at his hair and he reaches inside his pants. A friend of the woman walks around to pick up all of the man’s clothes, so he can’t take them again. The boy slowly takes off his trainers and his socks.

The woman kicks and punches the man multiple times then makes him run away without his clothes
The naked man disappears into the day

After more persuasion from the woman, he removes his pants and stands fully naked in the street. The woman punches and kicks the naked man several times before pushing him away. The terrified man runs down the street and into the distance.

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