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Roberto Saenz de Heredia, former TV presenter who faked his own death arrested after 17 years on the run from bombing charges

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Roberto Saenz de Heredia, 47, former TV presenter faked his own death and fled his native Australia in 1999

Built a new life for himself in Spain as a foreign exchange trader

Arrested at Gatwick airport, UK  after 17 years on the run – he was visiting his family

In ’98, he sent a parcel bomb to the home of glamour model turned drug king-pin Simone Farrow and her boyfriend Brett Boyd. Farrow, 39 was later jailed in the US in 2009 for running a major meth syndicate

de Heredia, fell out with the couple over an $80,000 loan  to fund a “sex website”
Male model Boyd, 29, suffered severe career ending injuries in the blast, later committing suicide

Charged with attempted murder, de Heredia,  absconded using a stolen passport before he could stand trial

aussie_bomber1.jpgBikini model Simone Farrow, aka Simone Starr, accused of being the head of a global drugs ring. Farrow, who has modeled for Ed Hardy and was voted one of FHM magazine’s TV host Roberto and Penthouse model Simone fell out over an $80k loan which the model intended to use to start a sex website
nabbed_17_years4The former TV star, who used a fake passport to travel to the UK, had been working in Spain as a foreign exchange trader

A FORMER television presenter who faked his own death has been arrested after 17 years on the run. Australian Roberto Saenz de Heredia, 47, who was detained at Gatwick Airport, was charged with attempted murder in 1998 after he allegedly sent a parcel bomb to the Sydney home of Simone Farrow – a former Penthouse model turned meth-dealing king-pin. De Heredia, who had been hiding in Spain, used a fake passport to travel to the UK to visit his mum and sister.

nabbed_17_years6Brett Boyd. Committed suicide in 2008

nabbed_17_years5Bikini model Simone Farrow, aka Simone Starr, accused of being the head of a global drugs ring, serving jail time in the US 

He was allegedly  arrested at the London Gatwick airport on April 27, when police uncovered his secret identify, and is now being held in a British jail where he faces extradition to his native Australia.
In 1998, the TV star, who worked for cable shopping network Foxtel, allegedly sent a package containing an explosive device in the post to beauty Simone – who also used the surnames Cheung and Starr – and her bodybuilder boyfriend Brett Boyd.
A Sydney court heard how de Heredia fell out with the pair over an $80,000 loan which they intended to use to fund a “sex website”.
Muscle bound Boyd, who was 29 at the time, opened the shrapnel loaded parcel which exploded in his face throwing him 80 metres across the room.
The attack resulted in him losing his left eye, his right thumb and left him with 80% vision loss in his right eye and severe facial scarring. Boyd, who was severely injured in a separate gun assault a few weeks later, committed suicide in 2008. Disgruntled TV favourite de Heredia, who was charged with attempted murder, fled Australia to Bali using a stolen passport in July 1999 before he could stand trial.

Simone Starr Prosecutors described the former glamour model (pictured), who is currently behind bars in the US, as a drug king-pin. Simone’s cartel was involved in moving massive amounts of crystal meth from the US to Australia 

His car was found in Sydney covered in blood leading investigators to believe he had been brutally murdered.
However, after no body was found, police in New South Wales started to hunt the shopping channel frontman as a fugitive.
Working with Indonesian and UK authorities, Aussie detectives uncovered two bogus aliases – Robert Valentine Shorthouse and Robert Jackson – de Heredia has been using in the UK.
He had been working as a foreign exchange trader in Spain and travelling to the UK since 2011.
Farrow, who moved to the US to work as a model under the name Simone Starr, eventually ‘broke bad’ and is currently in an American jail for trafficking copious amounts of crystal meth. Prosecutors say the 39-year-old was a drug ‘king-pin’ and was part of a cartel involved in moving ‘ice’ from the US to Australia.

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