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Hunter Stoneburner, High School Student Defies Odds to Walk at Graduation after massive stroke left him paralyzed at 16 and doctors said he would never walk again

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“nothing is going to stop me” from walking ‘again’

High School senior, Hunter Stoneburner, 18,  defies odds to walk at Graduation

A devastating stroke at 16 left Hunter paralyzed, doctors predicted he would never walk again

Today he fulfilled his own predictions as he defied doctors,at his high school graduation, he walked to the poduium to recieve his diploma


Hunter_Stoneburner7Hunter Stoneburner on the tough road to recovery

Hunter Stoneburner was lifeless and paralyzed at age 16 but now he’s walking across the stage for his high school graduation.
“You never really notice how much you take life for granted until something gets taken away from you like this,” Hunter said.


Hunter_Stoneburner4Hunter defied odds – nothing was going to stop him from walking up to recieve his diploma

The senior has defied the odds. After suffering a massive stroke just five days before his 17th birthday, doctors said he would likely never walk again.
Those words were lost on him.
“I told him, yeah I would, and that nothing is going to stop me,” Hunter said.
And it didn’t. Hunter defied the doctors and walked across the stage to receive his East High School diploma on Sunday evening.



hunter_stoneburner9.pngHunter Stoneburner recieving his diploma

His mother, Kristy Steltzer, was moved to tears.
“I`m excited, a lot of emotions going on,” Steltzer said. “Just thinking back to where he was, where he`s at now, and where he`s going to go.”
Hunter says it wasn’t an easy road.“It was tough. There were a few times I wanted to give up but I never did because my mom was always telling me not to,” Hunter said.

hunterstoneburner13.pngHunter Stoneburner wants to get back to living a fully active life style

He fell back on those in his corner during the journey.
“I have the biggest support team, everybody`s by my side, especially my parents,” Hunter said. “At school I have a lot of friends, everybody knows me. Everybody`s been telling me congratulations and they`re happy for me and everything.”


The proud graduand striding towards the podium

His family knows how much that support means.
“It was huge; if it wasn`t for everybody around him, I don`t think he would have gotten as far as he did,” Steltzer said. “I mean they were so positive and so supportive.”
As for the lifelong Cubs fan, he wants to go even further.
“Eventually, I`m going to try to get back to running and maybe play some more baseball,” Hunter said. “That`s what I`ve always wanted to do. It would mean everything to me actually. It would be the most exciting moment in my life after having my stroke.”
Hunter also plans on taking a few business classes at DMACC this upcoming semester and eventually wants to open his own business.

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