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130kg ISIS ‘BULLDOZER’ captured: Massive ISIS executioner known as ‘The Bulldozer’ is captured by the Syrian Army and paraded TOPLESS around town

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130kg ISIS killer known as ‘The Bulldozer’ is captured by the Syrian Army and paraded TOPLESS on the back of a truck

A massive terrorist nicknamed The Bulldozer has been captured by the Syrian Army according to this astonishing footage.  The 130Kg killer was believed to be rising through the ranks of the terrorist organisation, gaining a brutal reputation for beheading unarmed men and even chopping off the limbs of children.

The enormous extremist can be seen lying topless on the back of a truck with his hands bound behind him reports the Department of Film and Sound Young Journalists Club.The obese thug rose up the ranks of ISIS, garnering a vicious reputation for decapitating unarmed men and hacking of the limbs of children.

bulldozer2.jpgISIS exectutioner ‘The Bulldozer’ has reportedly been captured The enourmous brute gained notoriorty for beheading defenceless hostages.

He has also been photographed wielding 115lbs machine gun after which he was given his diabolical nickname. The real name of the evil killer is not yet known as he has so far only been photographed wearing a mask, like British killer Jihadi John.

The overweight sadist allegedly has been captured and paraded by the Syrian army

In one of his more brutal depictions, the fat, masked coward was seen executing 15-year-old boy for listening to Western pop music. The brute forms part of a group dubbed the “Chopping Committee” that murders innocents in towns conquered by ISIS.
He has so far been filmed in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, plying his sick trade.

The killer known for dismembering victims has been captured
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