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Actress Gillian Taylforth’s date ‘rufied’ at industry awards party

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David Fairbairn, 60, fiancé to British soap actress Gillian Taylforth, 59, disappeared from a soap [EastEnders] awards party, only to be found by people lying in the street. They called cops, thinking they’d seen a corpse.

Bloodwork in hospital indicated his drink was heavily spiked at the awards party with the date rape drug Rohypnol

The former stockbroker who he served time for importing one of the biggest ecstasy hauls ever seized in the UK , is  on cancer medication, which makes the ‘rufying’ potentially fatal

Fairbank does not suspect anyone at EastEnders of spiking his drink, but ”Police are now checking CCTV of the cast’s pre-party at an East London bar to try to find out who spiked him.



David Fairbairn, 60, on medication for cancer, was found comatose in a gutter after last week’s British Soap Awards.
He was taken to hospital where doctors found high levels of the drug in his blood.

A source said: “David seemed fine at 4pm on Saturday, but not long after that it became clear he wasn’t right.”
“He was slurring and falling about.” When they went on to the soap awards, he was a real embarrassment. At the time Gillian was furious. Then he disappeared. It was only much later that a passer-by saw him lying in the street and called police, thinking they’d seen a corpse.
At the hospital, doctors found high levels of Rohypnol in his blood. They said it was a massive dose. “Given he was on cancer medication, he was incredibly lucky it wasn’t more serious.”

Gillian_Tayforth_David_Fairbairn8Speaking on behalf of David fairbank last night, a source  said:  “Dave is unable to comment on this matter. However, he would like to make it clear that he does not suspect anyone at EastEnders of doing this, nor can he state where it happened.”
The couple met through friends after the breakdown of the actress’ 23-year relationship with ex-fiancé Geoff Knights in 2009 and have been together since 2012.
The actress, best known for her role as Kathy Beale in EastEnders, started dating the former stockbroker just a few years after he served time for importing one of the biggest ecstasy hauls ever seized in the UK. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2003, after being found guilty of plotting to import and supply Class A drugs at Bristol Crown Court, but served just seven years of his sentence.
At the time of the court case, it was the biggest drugs raid in history after police found 839,500 ecstasy tablets worth an estimated $10.8million.

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