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Member of ‘Los Porkys’, the gang of Mexican kids from wealthy homes accused of group rape, arrested in Spain

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Diego Cruz Alonso, one of three young men involved in the case of “Porkys of Veracruz” 

Diego Alonso, 21,member of ‘Los Porkys’, the gang of Mexican rich kids accused of group rape arrested on streets of Madrid, Spain

On January 3, 2015, Edward Capitaine the mayor’s son, Diego Cruz Alonso, Jorge Cotaita Cabrales and Gerardo Rodríguez Acosta, in their twenties, abducted and 3 of them raped 17-year-old Dapne Fernandez

All from wealthy homes, 2 schoolmates of Daphne

 Javier Fernández, single father-of-three confronted the men who raped his daughter and their parents, all 3 then apologised on video

The police did nothing about investigating or presenting case for prosecution, despite direct evidence and taped confession

Citizens protested police inaction on streets of Veracruz

Charges of pederasty were then brought against 3, Capitaine, Cruz, and Cotaitamen, 2 ‘Los Porkys’ arreste. Facing 12 – 40 years in prison

All went on the run (Cotaita and Capitaine to the US, Cruz to Spain), the office of Mexico’s asked Interpol to issue international arrest warrants known as “red notices.”


‘Los Porkys’  Jorge Cotaita Cabrales, Diego Cruz Alonso, Gerardo Rodríguez Acosta and Enrique Capitaine Marín, forced Daphne Fernández, a minor living in Veracruz, Mexico,  forced into a car. They proceeded to  isolate, subdue and sexually molest her

Spanish police have arrested an alleged member of the so-called ‘Porkys’ gang, four wealthy young Mexican men who are accused of gang-raping an underage girl in a case which sparked outrage about the immunity of the rich.
Diego Cruz was stopped in the company of friends in central Madrid, following an Interpol warrant put out by Mexico, embarrassed that the a 21-year-old had been able to fly out of the country shortly before charges were brought against the four men in April.
Daphne Fernández said she been sexually assaulted and raped in January 2015, when she was 17, after getting into a car with the four young men, all sons of wealthy businessmen from southern Veracruz state.
With little faith that the authorities would take any action, Ms Fernández’s father complained to the families of the men and interviewed three of them himself.  This is because in the Mexican port of he port city of Veracruz, located in the Mexican state of the same name is known for corruption and terror, a territory controlled by the Zeta cartel and life could be suffed out for stepping on the wrong toes.
As far as many of the citizens are  concerned, there is little difference between the rich and the government, between the government and the criminals.
In a video of the interview, the men can be seen appearing to apologise for the alleged assault. “It was a very bad thing. We are really sorry for what we did,” Mr Cruz can be seen mumbling. The men reportedly later retracted the admission.
In May last year, the victim’s father was finally persuaded to go to the police. However there was no progress in the case, and the men later wrote an open letter denying the allegations.
The case prompted demonstrations on the streets of Veracruz, in support of both Ms Fernandez and the young men, one of whom, Edward Capitaine, is the son of a former local mayor.

Demonstrators in Veracruz, Mexico, on March 28th call for the arrest of four young ‘wealthy’ rapists

Ms Fernández’s initial allegations provoked a storm of abuse on the social networks, including accusations that she had provoked her aggressors.
Ms Fernández this year broke her silence, describing on Facebook “the hell” she was living through. “Yes, I had a drink. Yes, I went out to party. Yes, I was wearing a short skirt, just like the majority or even all girls of my age. Am I to be judged for that? Does that mean I deserved it?”
Charges were brought against three of the men in April. Mr Capitaine was arrested last month while another of the accused remains on the run. Mexico has requested that Mr Cruz be extradited to face charges of group sexual abuse against a minor, which carries a prison sentence of between 12 and 40 years.

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