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Sicko ‘Trisexual’ Elliot Morales jailed 40 years for shooting Mark Carson, an unarmed gayman, just because he and a friend were dressed like “gay wrestlers”: Judge draws parallel with Orlando shooting

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Self proclaimed ‘Trisexual’ hate-fuelled killer, Elliot Morales, 36,  jailed 40 years

Outed by his transgender lover as gay, convicted last week of shooting death of unarmed Mark Carson, 32, in May , 2013 in what was deemed a hate crime.

Morales gunned down Carson,  a gay man, in the West Village  after remarking that victim and his pal Danny Robinson were dressed like “gay wrestlers,” called them “queers” and f—-ts.”

Justice A. Kirke Bartley -“I can’t help but perceive or observe the parallel to the tragedy in Orlando, that parallel is revealed in hatred, self-loathing, fear and death”

Morales, represented himself during trial, blamed medics for the death of his victim who he shot because he was angry that Carson and a friend dressed like ‘gay wrestlers’


elliot morales3
Elliot Morales:  ‘I’m not filled with hate because I’m trisexual’
Mark Carson4
Mark Carson: Morales called him “queers” and f—-t” before shooting in the head from a distance of 4ft

Deranged gay-hating shooter, Elliot Morales who is gay himself , 36,  was jailed 40 years-to-life for tthe cold blooded shooting of an unarmed gayman, Mark Carson, three years ago.
While handing down the sentence in Manhattan Supreme Court, Justice A. Kirke Bartley said to Morales: “I can’t help but perceive or observe the parallel to the tragedy in Orlando, that parallel is revealed in hatred, self-loathing, fear and death.”The prosecution led by prosecutor Shannon Lucey had exposed the irony that Morales  who himself was outed as homosexual “has a lot of self-loathing issues” that drove his aggression and hatred the night of the murder.
“They’re inside him and they came out when he saw Mark Carson and Danny Robinson be who they are in public,” Lucey said, referring to the victim and his best friend.
Morales, who represented himself, insisted he was not homophobic and his transgender former lover vouched for him on the stand.
He maintained in his summation that authorities “automatically assumed I had to be a heterosexual because I had a gun.”He claimed to be attracted to transgender women and considers himself “trisexual,”
“Every Halloween I go and I walk that parade with them. I love that parade,” he said
“I put more into that parade than I do the Puerto Rican parade.
Morales,was convicted last week of gunning down an unarmed Mark Carson,  a gay man, in the West Village around midnight on May 18, 2013.  The murder was deemed a hate crime because  Morales shot carson after remarking that he and his pal Danny Robinson were dressed like “gay wrestlers” and that they were “queers” and f—-ts.”

danny robinson1
Danny Robinson lost his to the insane rage in Morales

He now faces up to life in prison for the murder of Carson, 32, around midnight on May 18, 2013, on W. Eighth St.
Morales was also found guilty of menacing a police officer and possession of weapon.
A jury of four men and eight women decided in about a day of deliberations in Manhattan Supreme Court that the crime was motivated by a hateful bias against a gay person.
When given the chance to speak, Morales turned to the gallery and issued a pathetic apology to Carson’s family – but then quickly launched into an offensive diatribe on how EMTs were really to blame.

elliot morales6
Elliot Morales, during his murder  trial

“I am really, really, really truly sorry for what happened,” Morales babbled, facing two aunts of the victim and insisting “what happened is a tragic accident.”
In a further insult, Morales told the devastated relatives that there’s a video that shows emergency workers dropped the ball, and said it’s something they should see.
“You can see these EMT workers allowed him (to) and let him die,” ne said.
Bartley didn’t buy any of the killer’s nonsense and neither Carson’s family.
“He got what he deserved,” said Carson’s aunt Florine Bumpars, 47. “He just had to say something and that’s what he said. If he was sorry he would have never did it.”
Bartley, who watched Morales perform as his own incompetent lawyer during the trial, said Morales’ courtroom behavior is completely undermined by his deranged conduct the night of the shooting.

eric morales
Elliot Morales appears at his sentencing in Manhattan Supreme Court

In one video shown to the jury, Morales can be heard sounding possessed as he cackled and mocked what he had done.
“Diagnosis dead, doctor!” he said as he was pinned to the ground by a cop who put his life on the line to apprehend Morales as the twisted suspect reached for a gun.
Morales in that “chilling” clip is “so at odds with the person that I see before me, that’s been here in court,” Bartley said.
“By that I mean at odds with the manifestly evil creature that I saw on the video, something worthy of a character in a Stephen King novel,” the judge remarked.
Prosecutors asked for what they believed was the maximum possible sentence under the law, 47 years-to-life while Morales made a worthless plea for leniency and vowed to appeal.



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