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Baton Rouge school principal Robert Marks arrested in connection with death of pregnant colleague, Lyntell Washington, who threatened to expose their affair to his wife

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Teacher of the year,  Lyntell Washington, 40, was 5 months pregnant when reported missing, Thursday, in Baton Rouge La,  her 3-year-old daughter was found alone near her vehicle,  blood also found inside vehicle

Washington found by farmer in roadside ditch eight days after disappearing

Her colleague, Assistant Principal Robert Marks, arrested Friday, initially held on kidnapping charges

Roberts, 39, accused of shooting Washington in the head after she  threatened to tell his wife about their affair,

Now charged with first-degree murder and first-degree feticide, aggravated kidnapping and child desertion


mark roberts3 Robert Marks arrested and being transfered to the county violent crimes detention facility

The body of 40-year-old Lyntell Washington was found in a roadside ditch in nearby Iberville Parish on Tuesday, eight days after she disappeared. Police had suspended their search for a pregnant Baton Rouge teacher, who went missing Wednesday evening, after they spent much of the day Friday searching several areas, including Baker, Baton Rouge, St. Francisville, Zachary and Ramah.
Robert Marks, in custody since she vanished, was hit with first-degree murder and first-degree feticide charges on Friday after initially being held for kidnapping.

Lyntell Washington8.png

The body of Lyntell Washington (pictured) was found on Tuesday in a roadside ditch

Marks, 39, is an assistant principal at Brookstown Magnet Honors Academy, where Washington, a former Teacher of the Year,, served as an instructional specialist. Marks has been placed on administrative leave.
A colleague told Baton Rouge police that Washington was pregnant with Marks’ child and had threatened to expose the relationship. Marks knew Washington was five months pregnant, according to a police report.
Washington asked Marks in one text message if he is “attempting to avoid his responsibilities with our unborn daughter,” according to screen shots recovered by the police.

Lyntell Washington blood at the scene
Police say blood was found in her car

Marks is married to another woman and police suspect he might have been fearful that his wife would find out that he had gotten the teacher pregnant, according to police records.
Marks was arrested on June 9 after Washington’s 3-year-old daughter was found alone near her mother’s car. Blood was found inside the vehicle. A steanger discovered the girl, abondened in a car and said he immediately elt something was wrong:
“It was actually shocking, first of all, to see the little girl out there by herself, and it’s kind of upsetting that no one was out there and then to see all that blood I just knew something had gone terribly wrong with someone, whoever she was with,” said Leslie Parms.

mark roberts4

School assistant principal, Robert Marks  charged with shooting death of pregnant colleague Lyntell Washington.

Lyntell Washington1

5-month pregnant Lyntell Washington had threatened to tell Roberts’ wife about their affair

The 3-year-old girl told detectives that “Mr. Robbie” had hurt her mother. The child also said she heard a bang and saw her mom “shaking.”
“She further stated that Mr. Robbie was trying to clean the blood and that her mother was ‘in the lake,'” according to the police report.
Marks told authorities he last saw Washington at a Walmart at about 8 p.m. on June 8. However, Police say cell phone records show Marks’ phone as well as a phone belonging to Lyntell Washington were in the area where the car was found around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday for approximately 15 minutes before returning to Baton Rouge.

Lyntell Washington farmer found body in ditch in rosdale
Lyntell Washington’s body was found by a farmer in a roadside ditch, Tuesday

Marks admitted to his relationship with Washington, but refused to answer other questions from detectives.
“We continue to press him for information and still no answer and still no emotion,” Baton Rouge Police Cpl. L’Jean Mckneely Jr. told reporters. “This is a heinous and senseless crime.”

The assistant principal, Robert Jovantie Marks, 39, also faces aggravated kidnapping and child desertion charges because Washington’s child was left abandoned in a parking lot.



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