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Pregnant Pakistani woman, Muqaddas Tawfeeq, slaughtered by brother because she married a man her family did not approve

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Muqadas’  husband, Mohammed Tofeeq dispalys a picture of himself with his wife Muqadas Tofeeq

Pregnant Pakistani woman murdered by her family for optimg to marry a man of her choosing

Seven-month-pregnant mother of 1, Muqaddas Tawfeeq, 22, murdered by her family because they didn’t approve of the man she married

Her brother slit her throat in ‘honor killing’ after she’d been lured home by mother

Her husband pleads for justice, warrants are out for mother and brother, police say

Pakistani human rights groups estimate that about 1,100 women are murdered in ‘honor killings’ every year.

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In a country with an incredibly spotty record of violence against defenseless women, yet another incidence of the infamous ‘honor’ killing ritual has claimed the life af a young woman. A man slit the throat of his pregnant sister throat,Thursday as revenge for the her marrying a man against her family’s wishes three years ago, police said.
Muqaddas Tawfeeq, 22, was lured home by her mother years after family ties were severed over the marriage.  When she arrived, she was murdered by her brother.
The suspects in what officials are calling an “honor” killing have fled.
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In police custody, the killer mother, Amina Bibiwho killed her pregnant daughter, 22-year-old Muqadas Tofeeq

“The law will not spare those who have killed Pakistan’s sons and daughters in the name of what they call ‘honor,’” said Mohiuddin Wani, a spokesman for the country’s prime minister.
Wani told CNN such honor killings, which occur in certain cultures when a person is thought to have brought shame to a family or community, are “un-Islamic, unlawful and criminal.”
Tawfeeq was seven months pregnant — and also had a 10-month-old daughter — when she was killed for marrying a man in defiance of her family’s wishes that she have an arranged relationship, police said.

paki honor killing
Pakistani women  protest the violation of women’s rights

These killings, while illegal, are still commonplace in Pakistan — about 1,100 women were murdered in so-called honor killings last year, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.
The commission relies on newspaper clippings and local volunteers to build their statistics, and they estimate that the actual figures may be much higher since many honor killing cases go unreported.
Last week, a 16-year-old girl was killed in the same part of eastern Pakistan by her mother for marrying a man of her own choosing.
That murder was followed by the killing of a couple who married without their families’ consent.

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