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British teenager, Michael Sandford, arrested after grabbing officer’s gun at Vegas rally – tells cops ‘I wanted to kill Donald Trump’

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British teenager arrested in Las Vegas tells police ‘he wanted to kill Donald Trump’

Michael Sandford, 19, tried grabbing cop’s weapon after asking for Trump’s autograph at Las Vegas rally

The teenager told investigators he had been planning the assassination for a year, including spending time on a firing range in recent days, and was convinced he would die in the attempt.

trump vegas rally3.jpg
Donald Trump at the Vegas rally on Saturday

A British man has told investigators he wanted to kill Donald Trump after being arrested at a campaign rally for trying to grab an officer’s gun.
Court papers detail how Michael Sandford, 19, approached a police officer at the event in Las Vegas on Saturday, saying he wanted the Republican candidate’s autograph.
“Sandford then attempted to seize the sidearm of Officer Jacob by grabbing the holster and handle of the firearm with both hands,” according to court documents, which also said Mr Sandford had earlier visited a gun range in order to learn how to shoot.

Michael Sandford1
Michael Sandford being removed from Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas

He was due to appear in court later on Monday to face a charge of “an act of violence on restricted grounds”.
Mr Trump’s rallies have frequently attracted angry protests and occasional violence. Saturday’s event at the Treasure Island Casino seemed typical, with reporters describing how a protester had been led out of the event.
Mr Sandford, who was identified by his British driver’s licence, later told officers he had been living in the US for about 18 months, first in New Jersey and then California.

trump vegas rally1.jpg
The audience at the Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas, Saturday June 19, 2016

From there he said he travelled to Las Vegas on Thursday and had visited the Battlefield Vegas gun range, where he fired 20 rounds from a Glock 9mm pistol.
“Sandford claimed this was the first time he had ever fired a gun,” read the complaint.
When asked why he had tried to grab the weapon from the officer, he replied simply: “To shoot and kill Trump.”
About 1,500 people attended the rally, which was held in the Mystere Theater inside the Treasure Island Casino. Attendees had to pass through metal detectors manned by Secret Service, police and casino security officials.
If his attempt failed, he said he planned to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, for another rally there. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are providing assistance following an arrest of a British national in Las Vegas.”

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