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Krystin and Somchai Lisaius, Husband-and-wife TV personalities in Arizona busted on drug charges after cocaine is found in baby’s system

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Krystin Lisaius and Somchai Lisaius  arrested on drug charges and introducing the coke into their baby’s system

Husband-and-wife TV personalities in Arizona busted on drug charges after cocaine found in baby’s system

Krystin Lisaius, 26,  husband Somchai Lisaius, both local socialites, contaminated their 4-month-old baby with cocaine and wouldn’t allow toxicology tests on the child until forced by child welfare authorities

Mother admitted snorting coke before breast feeding her baby, but ‘she didn’t think the baby would be affected after 12 hours had passed’

Facing one count child abuse to a person under 18 years of age, one count possession of a narcotic drug, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia

Krystin Lisaius, 26, and husband Somchai Lisaius both local socialites and TV personalities in Arizona have been indicted on drug charges after cocaine was found in their baby’s system.
Cocaine was used while the couple was hosting friends on May 14 in their Oro Valley home.  The husband and Krystin Lisaius who is breast feeding  their  4-month-old baby both snorted cocaine along with the Baby’s godfather,  the next morning, and the infant took ill.
Somchai, a former crime reporter for KOLD News 13, and his wife Krystin, former KOLD reporter and local journalist, took their baby to the Oro Valley Hospital, after observing that the child was “wabbly,” had “became limp,” was “unable to wake up,” and that her “eyes were rolling” into the back of her head. Krystin Lisaius described the child as “ragdoll-like,” according to police reports.

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Somchai Lisaius and Krystin Lisaius would not allow toxicology work on their sick baby

The couple refused to allow hospital staff perform a blood draw on the child and took her away against medical advice, but agreed to have her transferred to another facility, for  further evaluation.  At the Diamond Children’s Hospital, the Lisaius once again refused allow a toxicology screen on their child.
However, when they took the baby to Banner University Medical Center in the presence of representatives of the Office of Child Welfare Investigations and Department of Child Safety, Banner UMC staff conducted a urinalysis as well as a toxicology screen that showed the presence of cocaine in the child’s system. An police officer performed a blood draw analysis on mother after obtaining a search warrant.

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The Lisaius’ welcomed their daughter 4 months ago

After previously denying the use of using cocaine, the parents eventually admitted to using cocaine after tests showed the presence of the drug in the baby’s blood.
Krystin Lisaius admitted to using the drug by “snorting it” through her nose with her husband and a friend called “Thomas”  at a barbecue they were hosting at their home. She also told a UMC social worker she had been breastfeeding the child, she didn’t think the baby would be affected after 12 hours had passed. She also refused all lab tests on the child except a heel blood stick, body scans and physical exams.
When Thomas, the child’s godfather, was interviewed he admitted he was  good friends with the couple and was at the Lisaius’ home on that night for a party. Thomas stated he and the husband snorted cocaine that evening but said of Krystin, “I saw her do one line, tops.”
When questioned, Somchai Lisaius told  detectives, they had hosted a barbecue at their home for a birthday celebration. Eventually he admitted to using cocaine that night, adding that he used the drug “every six weeks or so.” he also revealed that he had witnessed his wife using cocaine since having their child.
Detectives searched the Lisaius residence and found small quantities of cocaine and some drug related paraphernalia . Drug tests came back positive for all members of the family, including the baby.
The parents were indicted on charges of possession of a dangerous drug, drug paraphernalia and child abuse. They made their first court appearance on Monday, pleading not guilty.
Somchai Lisaius has been fired from his job at KOLD. Krystin Lisaius, who has previously worked at KGUN, met her husband when she was an intern at KOLD.



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