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Serial bank robber ‘Bandage Bandit’ arrested in Maryland

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Carlo Mckenzie Laguerre, 27, aka  ‘Bandage Bandit’ arrested by police in Maryland

Robbed banks wearing eye glasses, a neck brace, and bandages to help conceal his face

27-year-old Carlo Mckenzie Laguerre,  also known as  “the Bandage Bandit” from Columbia was arrested Friday in Howard County, MD officials announced Monday. Suspected of robbing nine Maryland banks since October, he would approach the tellers with his face hidden with gauze, his neck wrapped in a brace, hence the nickname “the Bandage Bandit.”
According to police reports, Carlo Mckenzie Laguerre allegedly robbed a branch of the 1st Mariner Bank in Rosedale in May. He is a suspect in other bank robberies in Carroll, Frederick, Harford and Howard counties, police said.
Laguerre is held without bail at Baltimore County Detention Center.”He wears eye glasses, a neck brace, and bandages to help conceal his face. The suspect approaches the counter, hands the bank employee a note announcing an armed robbery, and demands money,” the FBI announced in April.
Federal investigators had offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.
Laguerre was charged with armed robbery, theft and a firearm violation. No one was hurt in the bank robberies.

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