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Young Tennessee woman, Chelsea Mayes, claps back with love, after Cheddar’s waitress hurls racist insults in Snapchat post – server fired by restaurant for vile racist post laced with ‘n’ word

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Cheddar’s waitress hurls racist insults in Snapchat post

Snippy waitress at Cheddar’s was fired after sharing a selfie on Snapchat griping about waiting “on a section full of ‘n…..s'”

Chelsea Mayes was with her friends at a restaurant on Sunday after church,  had a meal, tipped their waitress very generously

Still, waitress insulted customers by sending a racist Snapchat message which went viral online

Chedders fires server, disavows her posting

Chelsea feels sorry for the waitress and is now praying for her 

Chelsea Mayes5
Cheddar’s in Murfreesboro, Tennessee disavowed server and her  offensive Snapchat

Chelsea Mayes and four of her friends headed to a Murfreesboro Cheddar’s location after Sunday’s church service. The 22-year-old thought she’d had a good meal, but afterward her server’s hateful Snapchat rant went viral, the details of the hate-filled posting were passed around the Murfreesboro community, and Mayes started feeling a little differently about her dining experience.
One of the victim’s, Chelsea Anne responded to the hate crime by showing remarkable Christian charity.  In a Facebook post titled Racism Still Lives, she shared her experiences

Chelsea Mayes2.png

The offensive posting was laced with the ‘n’ word all through
In a photo with her face screwed up tight, the waitress wrote, “I’m so hungover and have a section full of ‘n…..s’ right now.”
Mayes took to social media to respond in epic fashion.
“Yesterday this photo of a Murfreesboro Cheddars employee started circulating on social media. Being as though I was lucky enough to be one of the ‘n—-rs’ she speaks of, I feel it’s only necessary to give my view!”

Chelsea Mayes8.png
Love over hate: Chelsea Mayes responded to racist rant by a Cheddar’s waitress on Snapchat with aloving message of her own

The hate-fueled server was actually friends with one of Mayes’ group, all of whom were members of the college choir at the local First Baptist Church. Mayes said they left a generous tip and didn’t find out about the racist post until a friend texted her about it later in the day.

“You never truly know the person behind the smile. No matter how much love and joy you spread, there will always be someone with hate in their heart towards you, regardless if it’s in your face or when you leave. It’s up to you how you handle it,” Mayes wrote.
“I am personally extremely proud of myself. If this had of been Chelsea a couple years ago, Cheddars [would] have been flipped upside down. But now I just feel sorry for her.
“This ‘n—-r’ is pretty nice.

Chelsea Mayes3

Chelsea says she will not be held back by nursing hatred for racist server, now fired by Cheddar’s

“This ‘n—-r’ actually enjoyed your company.
“This ‘n—-r’ is praying for you.
“This ‘n—-r’ loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it!”
Afterward, the server was fired.

Chelsea Mayes6.jpg
Mayes, responded with a post of her own when she found out about the racist Snapchat post later in the day.

“When you use slander against other demographics, that shows you are not inclusive and that’s not a work environment that you want to create,” said Monica Wentworth, director of Lipscomb University’s Career Center.
Wentworth said in the last five years, social media has been at the forefront of the conversations she has with students.
“We are always a brand. We are always a representative of who we work for, and if you want to represent that company, use good words that represent them,” Wentworth said.
Lee Greer, president of the management group that owns Cheddar’s in Murfreesboro, sent the following statement:“We, ourselves, were shocked and offended after learning one of our servers had posted comments on social media that were hurtful and derogatory.”
“This type of behavior will never be tolerated in our restaurants. The server was immediately suspended and ultimately terminated after our internal investigation.”
Mayes said she was glad the two-faced served got axed.
“If there’s no repercussion for these actions, it’s as though they’re saying it’s OK for these actions to happen again. I don’t have any ill will toward her. If that were the case, I’d be no better than her”.
“Life is too short to be mad. If I stay mad, I’m not going to be hurting anybody but myself.”





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