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Alexander Pieter Cirk flew 3,000 miles to China, to meet his lady love and comes away exhausted and disappointed

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Besotted Cirk flies 3000 miles to Changsha Huanghua, China, to meet his dream woman  Zhang, in real life

After 10 days waiting outside Changsha Huanghua airport, Zhang was a no show

Dazed Cirk ends up being hospitalized in China from exhaustion, before being flown back to Holland

Zhang, 26, claims she travelled for to get cosmetic sugery, unaware Cirk was ‘serious’ about coming, she claims she’s still interested in the relationship


Zhang claims she is still interested

The 41-year-old Dutchman flew almost 3,000 miles to Changsha Huanghua International Airport in China. He waited for Zhang to meet him in the airport – for 10 days – but Zhang didn’t show up.
Love-lorn Alexander Pieter Cirk, 41,  lost out in more ways than one as he ended up hospitalized with exhaustion after 10 longs days waiting in the airport, for a date that never was. When the 26-year-old Zhang failed to show up at the airport, Cirk had to give up and travel another 3,000 miles in the opposite direction back home to Holland, nothing achieved.

Alexander Pieter Cirk.jpg

An exhausted Alexander Pieter Cirk, is wheeled to hospital

Alexander waited patiently in the terminal for a week and a half. believing his date Zhang would show up. He only left the airport due to exhaustion after a 10 day wait. Pictures have emerged online showing the Dutchman resting on benches in the arrivals lounge looking tired and disheveled.
Zhang never did turn up and Alexander only left the airport when he was rushed to hospital with exhaustion.

Alexander Pieter Cirk3.jpg

 Alexander Pieter Cirk waiting patiently for love to find him

Another photo taken later shows him being pushed along in a wheelchair with an IV drip in his arm.
Zhang contacted Hunan TV after hearing about what had happened. She explained that Cirk had sent her a photo of his flight information before his departure, but she had not understood the meaning of the picture. Before, they had decided they were going to wait a year until meeting, so evidently the spontaneity of Cirk’s visit came as quite a shock. As always, communication is the key to a good relationship.


 Alexander Pieter Cirk shows off Zhang’s photo on his phone

She claims that she was unable to meet Cirk  when he arrived in Changsha because she was out of town, undergoing cosmetic surgery in Zhengzhou, Henan province.
Reacting to the incident, Zhang said she is still interested in maintaining a relationship with Cirk and hopes to get back in contact with him. Meanwhile, Cirk has returned home with a heavy heart after the debacle of his unconfirmed visit.

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