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Former pro bowler, Darren Sharper’s prison term extends to 18 years for his 4 state rape-and-drug spree which victimized 16 women

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Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper, 40, gets 18 years in federal prison for a 4 state drug-and-rape spree affecting as many as 16 women

Sharper drugged and raped women in Louisiana, Arizona, California and Nevada

Judge Jane Triche Milazzo rejects prior 9-year plea deal, sentences Sharper to 18 years jail, he will serve minimum of 13 more years

Millioniare ex-Saints safety, pled guilty in 2015, in federal court to three counts of distributing drugs with rape as the aim

Charged in California with seven felony counts, including rape by drugs, charged In Louisiana with two counts of aggravated rape, later indicted on federal drug charges

Co-defendants Brandon Licciardi and Erik Nunez sentenced 17 years and 10 years respectively

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Darren Sharper9
Sharper is already incarcerated
Darren Sharper enters plea deal.jpg
Darren Sharper seen during his March 2015 file sentencing

When former Pro Bowl safety Darren Sharper was sentenced in March 2015 to nine years in prison after being charged with drugging and raping several women in four states — the result of a global settlement negotiated by his attorneys, there was a public outcry that the punishment was too lenient for such alleged heinous crimes.
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Entering his guilty pleas back in March 2105, Sharper, 40, admitted that he and others distributed controlled substances to unsuspecting women and then had sexual relations with them while they were incapacitated”.
“He also admitted that he conspired with other persons in committing these offenses.”
A federal judge, rejected the terms of the plea deal, consequently the former NFL star who at one point was worth over $8million, now faces a longer stint behind bars after a federal judge sitting in New Orleans,  sentenced him to 18 years in prison, Thursday. Sharper, who was charged in four different states (Louisiana, California, Arizona and Nevada) for similar alleged criminal behavior, was a defendant in both a state and federal case in Louisiana.
Shaper was originally jailed in February 2014 in California, and he will get two and a half years of custody credit toward the 18-year sentence. Sharper will only serve about 85% of the federal sentence, equalling roughly 13 years in jail, notwithstanding any credit he earns while behind bars.

Darren Sharper 3.jpgSix-time All-Pro safety Sharper, seen here addressing the press, was a and five-time Pro Bowl selection during a career that spanned 14-years. He played for the Packers and the Vikings before finally retiring with the New Orleans Saints

He was originally charged in California with seven felony counts, including rape by drugs. In Louisiana, he was charged by the Orleans Parish District Attorney with two counts of aggravated rape, and was later indicted on federal drug charges.
Civil rights attorney Gloria Allred, who represents two of Sharper’s alleged female victims, said in a statement that Sharper “deserved serious consequences” for his actions.
Sharper’s legal problems began oin February, 2014, when the Los Angeles County district attorney charged the former Pro-Bowler with two separate incidents of drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles.

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As a result he fired from his job at the NFL Network.  Sharper who had succeded in getting an investigation into similar unsavory behavior in Miami Beach,  dismissed in 2014 without being charges filed,  was subsequently charged in Arizona, Louisiana and Nevada.
In an earlier press release from the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Kenneth Polite said that Sharper’s plea was “part of a global resolution of the charges against him.”

Erik Nunez1Erik Nunez jailed 10 years  for his role in the drug-and-rape spree
Brandon Licciardi1.pngCo-accused Brandon Licciardi sentenced 17 years

“Darren Sharper is now a convicted rapist and sexual predator who used drugs in order to rape his victims. He has inflicted his criminal conduct on many women in a number of states. He deserved serious consequences for the damage that he has forced women to suffer and his celebrity status as a former NFL player did not shield him from those consequences,” said Allred. “I represent victims in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We are looking forward to his sentencing days in those courts, so that Mr. Sharper and the Court can hear the victim impact statements from my clients and fully understand the impact that Mr. Sharper’s criminal conduct has had on their lives.”
Allred added that both of her clients have civil lawsuits pending against Sharper.

Darren Sharper8.jpg

Darren Sharper won 2010 Super Bowl wit the Saints

Appearing in a Los Angeles court, last year Sharper entered a guilty plea to charges of raping two women in L.A. whom he had sedated with the powerful sleeping aid, Zolpidem, known by its brand name, Ambien. During that same court appearance, he also pleaded guilty to sexual assault in the Arizona case.


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Sharper has been in custody since February 2014, first in California, and later in Louisiana federal prison after entering his plea last year. He will be moved to a federal facility outside of Louisiana to serve the remainder of his prison time.

Darren Sharper6.jpg

Darren Sharper was convicted of raping as many as 16 women in over four states

U.S. Attorney Kenneth Allred said Sharper was sentenced “after having previously pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute Alprazolam, Diazepam and Zolpidem, with intent to commit rape and two counts of distributing these substances with intent to commit rape.” Sharper was also sentenced by Judge Milazzo to three years of supervised release after his prison sentence and fined $20,000. Two other co-defendants in the Louisiana federal case, Brandon Licciardi and Erik Nunez have been sentenced to 17 years and 10 years, respectively. For great tips on Health and Fitness Click Here!
Sharper won the Super Bowl the New Orleans Saints in 2010, after playing for the Vikings and Green Bay Packers. When his career ball playing career ended, he bacame a game analyst on the NFL Network until February 2014, when he was fired after the charges in California and Louisiana were made public.





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