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Love triangle gone awry: Coach Jason E. Huston, fatally shoots ex-lover’s son, murders her new lover – a fellow trainer and life-long friend, leaving her with injuries after catching them in bed together

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Jason E. Huston murdered his friend Kenneth E. Valdez in murder-suicide

Jason E. Huston murders his friend Kenneth E. Valdez in murder-suicide

High school wrestling coach first shoots dead a wrestling student – his former girlfriend’s son,  then wounds her and murders her new lover

Jason E. Huston, 45, took his ex-girlfriend’s son, James ‘JJ’ Hurtado, out for a game of golf Thursday but the teen never returned

Huston instead fatally shoots ‘JJ’, 14, who considered him a father-figure, then drove to the home of his former friend and fellow coach Kenneth E. Valdez’s home

The high chool wrestling coach finding his ex, Andria Bye, in his friend’s bed opened fire injuring 35-year-old Bye, leaving Valdez, 44 dead 

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James 'JJ' Hurtado1.jpg

Teenager James Hurtado was executed by his mother’s ex-lover Jason E. Huston, who promised a golfing outing

An apparent murder-suicide left two Oregon high school wrestling coaches, lifelong friends, dead, a woman caught in a love trangle with both dead. The body of her teenage son, last seen alive with one of the men was also found in the woods.
Kenneth Valdez, 44,  was killed in a bedroom Thursday morning at his home in Hermiston, a north central Oregon city of about 17,500 near the border with Washington state.
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According to police reports, Jason E. Huston, 45, a high school coach murdered his former girlfriend’s son, before maiming her and shooting dead her new lover, Valdez, his life-long friend. He then turned the gun on himself.
Huston told the grandparents of 14-year-old James ‘JJ’ Hurtado, a student wrestler, he was taking him to play a round of golf on Thursday morning. Instead Huston, who had been in a relationship with Hurtado’s mother Andria Bye, 35, and was like a ‘father-figure’ to the boy, executed him. He then drove round to the home of his friend, burst into the bedroom where he found Valdez and Bye.
The spurned lover opened fire on the couple, injuring Bye and killing Valdez before turning the gun on himself in the tragic murder suicide. The shootings at the Valdez home happened at about 11:15 a.m. Thursday.

Kenneth E. Valdez1
Kenneth E. Valdez  shot dead in his bedroom by life-long friend apparently in a fit of jealousy over a woman friend

According to Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston, Bye, the late teen’s mother gave a detailed statement to investigators at the scene. |
“The three parties in the house all knew each other, and there were relationships between all three of them involved,” Edmiston said.  Huston, he said, was a “father-like figure” to the boy.
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Huston who told the grandparents of young Hurtado, he was taking him to play a round of golf on Thursday morning, was arrested in December 2009 on charges of menacing and unlawful possession of a firearm. He pled no contest to the gun crime and the menacing charge was dropped. He was sentenced to probation and 20 hours of community service. Both Valdez and Huston have been lifelong friends and grew up competing in wrestling matches together


Andria Bye1.png

Caught in the middle: James Hurtado’s mother Andria Bye had dated Jason Huston before shifting her affections to kenneth Valdez. The shooting left her with injuries

Police say that Huston called 911 shortly before the shooting but did not release what was discussed. Dispatchers also received a call from one of the victims and another from a neighbor reporting gunshots at the property in Hermiston, Oregon on Thursday at around 11am. When officers arrived they found the grisly scene.
It also triggered a search for Hurtado after his grandparents told police he’d been picked up by Huston. Police say he was last seen at 10am with the assistant wrestling coach Huston who had picked him up yesterday to play disc golf at McNary Park.

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James 'JJ' Hurtado2.jpg

Student athlete, Hurtado was reported missing on Thursday and authorities began searching for the teen, only to find his body in a remote area outside of Hermiston

Officers combed the town and just before 8pm, found his body in an area Huston is known to go shooting. Hermiston police searched his home, and found his car parked out of town. Copsay they may never know why Huston went on the shooting spree rampage

Valdez home, Crime scene1.jpg

Police tape seals the crime scene, the Valdez home where they found the bodies of home owner Kenneth E. Valdez and his suspected killer, Jason E. Huston

Shortly after responding to the crime scene at Northwest 11th Street and West Madrona Avenue, police obtained search warrants for Huston’s home and car.
‘At some point we may be able to release additional details on what transpired today, but with our already limited resources stretched at three separate locations, our primary focus at this time is finding JJ,’ Edmiston said in the release.
Huston, 45, was previously arrested for menacing and unlawful possession of a firearm in 2009. He was sentenced to a year on probation and 20 hours of community service.

Hermiston High.png

Valdez and Huston were both coaches at Hermiston High School

The coach’s cousin Chaz Valdez wrote: ‘The world lost a great man today. Such a big heart, ya big teddy bear! Love you and I’ll miss you cousin RIP Ken Valdez.’
Meanwhile teacher DayLee Lathim described Hurtado as a boy who could light up the room with his infectious smile.
‘You were an incredible, talented (athletic and academic), young man,’ she said.
‘You always did your best. You always would stick up for your friends. You made me laugh. You made me smile. You made me proud to be your teacher.
‘I have been blessed to have gotten to know you, your mom, and your sister. Peace be with you, you are so loved and you will never be forgotten.’
Jennifer Turner McDonough added: ‘Can’t sleep. Too much sadness in my heart tonight.’
Student James ‘JJ’ Hurtado was killed by wrestling coach Jason E. Huston on Thursday, police say. Hurtado was due to start his freshman year at Hermiston High on Aug. 29.




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