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Armed fugitive member of drug organization, Nauti-Block street Gang, Shaun Miller, arrested by feds wearing ‘shockingly realistic’ old-man disguise: 31-year-old tried to pass for a 70-year-old

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Shaun Miller was arrested wearing a creepy disguise

Armed fugitive member of Cape Cod drug gang arrested wearing creepy old man mask

Shaun Miller, aka Shizz, 31, arrested, Friday, disguised as a 70-year-old with $10,000 on his person

He is one of 19 people charged in a massive drug bust involving the  the Cape Cod drug trafficking organization the ‘Nauti-Block street Gang’ in April, 2016.

Miller who had eluded capture for four months, detained pending a detention hearing  in Boston

Indicted earlier, along with four other gang members for possession of heroin with intent to distribute

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Shaun Miller;s old man mask1.jpg
Shaun Miller tried to fool was arresting feds by wearing a creepy ‘old-man’ disguise
A Cape Cod fugitive sporting an old man mask was taken into custody, Friday.  Shaun Miller was hiding out in a South Yarmouth residence when cops stormed the house, in search of a

fugitive 31-year-old, wanted on drug trafficking charges. Instead, a man who appeared to be in his 70s, emerged from the home.
Police detained all present in the home, but quickly realized the elderly gentleman was actually the wanted man wearing an incredibly and shockingly realistic, old man mask. Searching the home, officers found $30,000 cash and a laundry basket with two loaded guns hidden inside.
weapons seized by ATF from nautica gang1.jpg

Law enforcement agents show off arms recovered from the gang in April
Miller, aka Shizz,  was one of 19 people charged in a massive drug bust involving the Nauti-Block street is a major Cape Cod drug trafficking organization back in April, this year. Miller had  eluded capture for four months he , but now he’s being held pending an Aug. 31 detention hearing.
Two of the drug trafficking organization’s alleged leaders, Denzel Chisholm and Christopher Wilkins, along with more than a dozen of their associates were arrested in the sweep, but a warrant was issued for Miller, who was not picked up at the time.
Chisholm, his sister Shannelle and Tyrone Gomes, 31, of Hyannis, who was already in custody at the time of the raids were charged with first-degree murder in the death of Christine Ferreira, 28, whose body was found at a Route 6 rest area in September.

Christine Ferreira: her death  led to the investigation of the drug-gang by feds
Nauti-Block street Gang1
Nauti-Block street Gang arrest sheet

Miller for the past four months, has succesfully eluded an active search with authorities keeping tabs on his mother’s house. Officers watched the house for a full day to confirm that the man they had seen going in was Miller, he said.
When those inside were ordered to come out, the man who turned out to be Miller came out of the front door relatively quickly, agents said, while his mother came out of the back. Officers suspect this was a diversion tactic, as parties who surrender usually all come the same exit, he said. The mother’s boyfriend came out about 15 minutes later.
Wearing a mask, a zipped-up jacket and hat, Miller quickly began talking to officers. He and the other two were taken into custody to be debriefed, and officers realized something was awry when they found about $10,000 on the elderly man.

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The edges of his eyes also made officers suspicious.“He was probably expecting us to move him outside the danger zone,” ATF spokesman Mellyn said, and then probably would have tried to sneak away.
After booking Miller refused to speak to officers and it was unclear Friday where he has been hiding for the past four months.
Denzel Chisholm1.png

Gang boss Denzel Chisholm (r), accused of killing Christine Ferreira while out on parole
The Nauti-Block street is a major Cape Cod drug trafficking organization. The gang was dealt a blow during a series of early morning raids by federal, state and local law enforcement agents as 12 people were arrested, including 8 men and 4 women. //
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They range in age from 20 to 50. The alleged ringleaders are Denzel Chisholm of West Yarmouth and Christopher Wilkins of Hyannis. The gang allegedly provided heroin across the Cape and was close to expanding to Martha’s Vineywas close to expanding to Martha’s Vineyard.11 of the gang members were suspected of being involved in heroin trafficking, and one illegally possessed firearms. Chisholm, his sister Shannelle Chisholm, and Tyrone Gomes are also charged with first-degree murder in the September death of Christine Ferreira.
Authorities say the Nauti-Block street gang has roots on Nautical Road in Hyannis, Mass. with associates in several cities in the area. To breach the tight-knit group, agents used a mix of informants, surveillance, controlled drug buys, pole cameras, car stops and wiretaps during the six-month investigation.
At the time of the April raids local and federal officials called the Nauti-Block gang “dangerous” and “a key drug operation” responsible for a significant portion of the heroin being distributed in the region

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